Find out the events of the first episode of the story “We Don’t Come to Watch” on ON channel

Start a story showDon’t come to seeThe second story of the series “55 Love Problems” yesterday, Sunday, on the TV channel ONThe first episode witnessed a review of the nature of the heroes’ personalities and their relationship with each other, as the events revolve around 6 friends, including ten years old, who decide to travel to the northern coast to spend a summer vacation together in a villa where they all stay.

During the episode, Shiha appeared here in the character of (Maryam), who is married to Tariq Sabry (Salim), who works as an advertising director, and they have a baby girl. As for Islam Gamal, he plays the role of (Saif) and is married to Noha Abdeen (Reham), who works in an advertising company, while Nabil Issa appeared in the character (Ali) is a reckless young man who works in the restaurant business and lives in El Gouna. The sixth friend is Ahmed Gamal Saeed (Murad), who works in the Foreign Ministry and is preparing for an engagement.

Maryam reserves a villa on the North Coast to stay in, while Saif refused to travel more than once, especially since he went to do Umrah and came back as another person, who is more conservative and sees the presence of all his friends, men and women, in one place as a mistake, but he travels with them in the end. As for Ali, he moves from El Gouna to travel to the coast. On the way, he has a quarrel with the king of Qora on the road and tries to get to know her, but she refuses. After they arrive at the villa, the king of Qora enters with Murad and his friends introduce her to her as his fiancée (Hania), amid shock from the people.

“Don’t Come to See” is the second story in the series “55 Love Problems” by author Amr Mahmoud Yassin. It consists of 10 episodes and stars Hana Shiha, Nabil Issa, Islam Gamal, Noha Abdeen, Malak Qawra, Tariq Sabry, Ahmed Gamal Saeed, Randa Abdel Salam, The writing workshop was conducted by Sarah Misbah, Walaa Amin, and directed by Muhammad Al-Khabiri.

The series “55 Love Problems” is taken from the book 55 Love Problems, by Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, and produced by Ahmed Abdel Aty, sponsored by United Media Services. It consists of 40 episodes divided into 4 stories, each story of 10 episodes shown over a period of two weeks on my channel. ON And ON drama.

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