Final for promotion to the League: everything you need to know

Independiente Rivadavia and Almirante Brown will play this Sunday at 6 p.m. for the first promotion to the LPF in 2024. One played in First Division, but many years ago. The other does not know what it is to play in the highest category of Argentine football.

The people of Mendoza participated six times in what is now the League (in the old Nacionales), but since 1982 they have not played it (68, 73, 77, 79, 80 and 82). For its part, La Matanza, in its 111 years of history, has never played in an A tournament. The Kempes grass will witness a historic event in Argentine football.

Ascension 25-10-2023


Nobody wants to miss it

A ticket is worth gold for fans. In Almirante, there is only a remnant of stalls, which will be sold in the next few hours. At the sales points in La Matanza, people could be seen camping out to get a ticket. In Mendoza the same. There are only a few tickets left to be sold: there will be 20,000 people from each team.

The lines at Casanova to buy tickets for the final.  (Photo: Almirante Brown Press).The lines at Casanova to buy tickets for the final. (Photo: Almirante Brown Press).

Acquaintances from Boca and River

Boca and River, the two largest clubs in Argentina, are heavily involved in the final. Both have idols related to the finalist clubs. On the River side, Burrito Ortega and Ogro Fabbiani knew how to wear the La Lepra shirt.

The Xeneize looks more related to La Fragata. Blas Giunta led Almirante in three stages. In addition, Sebastión Riquelme, Román’s brother, is part of the current Aurinegro squad.

Ortega posing with the Independiente jacket. Ortega posing with the Independiente jacket.

Life in a single party

The final will be a single match. All are defined in Córdoba. If the crossing ends in equality, there will be an extension of 30 minutes. If the tie persists, penalties will determine who is promoted to First Division.

They both play a full year, more than 30 dates in the tournament, the zone that each one won, in 90′ or 120′ minutes. With both fans behind each Kempes goal, everything is set to make it a true party.

Kempes, the one chosen for the final. Kempes, the one chosen for the final.

Ramírez, the referee

Nicolás Ramírez will be in charge of delivering justice in the final. The 36-year-old referee, born in González Catán, will be at Kempes on Sunday. He will be accompanied by Maximiliano Del Yesso as assistant one, Sebastian Ranieri as assistant two and fourth referee will be Pablo Echavarria.

One detail to keep in mind is that there will be no VAR, since it is not yet used in the Promotion. It is worth mentioning that Ramírez has been directing important meetings. He whistled in Racing-Boca this week, and in Colón-River on date nine.

In Avellaneda, except for some complaints from the visiting bank, he had no major problems. However, in the other game He had an ugly confrontation with Pipo Gorosito and his assistants, after the expulsion of Stefano Moreyra.

Ramírez, the referee of the final.Ramírez, the referee of the final.

The best in the category

Both Almirante and Independiente are the best in the Primera Nacional. Maybe not per game, but the points in the championship support each one. The Frigate collected 61 units in 36 games played.

For its part, the Mendoza team added 68 points in 34 games played. Having been the first in their areas led them to compete in this very final.

Almirante Brown wants to be promoted to First Division for the first time.  (Photo: Almirante Brown Press). Almirante Brown wants to be promoted to First Division for the first time. (Photo: Almirante Brown Press).

He who loses still has chances

It is clear that both will seek to win in Córdoba to achieve direct promotion. However, the loser of the final continues to have a chance of going up to First Division. Whoever looks like the other celebrates at the Kempes, will join the second phase of the Reduced.

Here you will have the advantage of defining at home (it is played back and forth) both in this instance, and in the semifinal if it passes. Regarding the Reduced final, this will be a single match without a sporting advantage.

Independent seeks glory.  (Photo: Rivadavia Independent Press).Independent seeks glory. (Photo: Rivadavia Independent Press).

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