FC Barcelona-Antwerp | Oriol Romeu values ​​the impact of the Joaos

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The transition to life without Sergio Busquets seemed long and traumatic. Badia’s shadow could become very long after more than a decade being the undisputed starter in the Barça first team.

But Oriol Romeu arrived, who knew the house, an almost ridiculous amount was paid for him, and He has been able to almost not talk about Busquets. Logically, no one forgets his great legacy. But Romeu is performing very well. Much better than perhaps expected.


The one from Ulldecona has been in charge of speaking in the press conference prior to the Barça-Antwerp Champions League. She came out before the coach and touched on countless topics.

Among other things, he has been asked about the signing of Joaos, Cancelo and Félix: “Each player brings different and positive things. The two have adapted very well in the group, they were both very excited to come and we could feel it from day 1. They are two level players, I cancel a side that has shown it and adapts to the level and our football, and Joao Feliz gave a great version between the lines and he has more than enough to help us.”

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