Father Ángel, admitted for a gastrointestinal problem


The 86-year-old priest is under observation

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Father Angel receives Ukrainian refugees in 2022Angel NavarreteTHE WORLD

The priest Ángel García, better known as Father Ángel, 86 years old, is hospitalized for observation “due to a minor gastrointestinal problem,” as reported by the NGO founded by the priest, Messengers of Peace.

“We want to reassure our friends and collaborators, ensuring that his evolution is favorable and that there is no cause for concern since he is waiting to receive a medical discharge soon,” the organization explains in a statement published this Tuesday.

According to him, the decision to hospitalize Father Ángel was taken “as a preventive measure to guarantee his well-being and speedy recovery.”

So much Messengers of Peacelike Father Ángel himself, have shown their gratitude to all the people who are sending them their expressions of affection and support.

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