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In order not to surpass all the other hardware announcements currently taking place, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and future CTO Andrew “Boz” Bosworth have teased three separate virtual reality (VR) prototypes that the company is currently developing.

Bosworth – who is the head of Facebook Reality Labs – started with a very stylish, independent prototype (compared to the others) with a shiny, almost mirrored black front. In a tweet, he said: “Proud of the research Michael Abrash’s team is working on at FRL-R Redmond-excited to get an early look at some of the technologies that will underlie the metaverse (we are working on several prototype headsets to prove concepts, this is one of them. Kind of. It’s a long story.) “

He then followed it up with the headset seen below, which looks like a heavily modified Oculus Quest with a halo strap and a bunch of sensors underneath – can they be for face tracking? No further details were given at this time, so just stare at the pictures and consider what this new technology can do.

Over on Facebook, Zuckerberg posted the image seen above, revealing that this model has a retina display: “I spent the day with the Facebook Reality Labs research team in Redmond to demonstrate our next generation virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence tech. This is a prototype of early retinal detachment. The future will be great. ”

Facebook - Boz Prototype 2

While it’s no surprise that FRL has several VR prototypes working on the timing, it’s pretty fun. HTC Vive has its special unveiling event today, even though it looks like the bubble has already burst. Lynx-R1 launched a successful Kickstarter that easily reached its goal, and company-focused Varjo has its own unveiling event on the way. All this before Facebook Connect on October 28th.

In the past, these types of prototypes would have been showcased at the annual conference, but perhaps with everything going on on Facebook, wanted it in on the buzz. Plus, if the company happily shares these hardware snippets now, what else does FRL have up its sleeve? An Oculus Quest Pro perhaps? There are exactly two weeks to wait to find out. For continued updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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