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The fifth round of the Liga Portugal SABSEG had its final scene in Seixal, at Field 1 of the Benfica Campus. Benfica’s secondary team and Torreense took the stage and, in a match marked by Kokubo’s expulsion, the Torres Vedras team came out on top, for 0-2.

A game…

In the first part of the match, the goals were barely present. Without great approaches to the areas and with even fewer dangerous moves, the two teams divided the game a lot in midfield, with Nélson Veríssimo’s team being, for most of the time, owners of the ball.

This continued until the 33rd minute, when Leo Kokubo was sent off. The Japanese goalkeeper came out of the posts and tried to block a quick attack; He didn’t arrive in time, he went against his opponent and saw the red cardboard. From then until the break, Torreense went up the lines, but without putting their claws in, with the first shot on goal only arriving (weakly) in added time.

… two-faced

After Nélson Veríssimo’s talk, the young Benfica fans entered the field very confident for those playing with one less man. They fell asleep in the game and, with one or two dead balls, they went up the pitch.

However, Torreense, cynical, experienced and intelligent, knew how to take advantage of the moment of the game and, in five minutes, led 0-2. First, Nuno Campos shot dry and crossed, with no chance for the goalkeeper and, later, Welthon took advantage of a ball on the woodwork to, on the rebound, easily head the ball into the back of the net.

From then on, the Torreense team, which ended up with less possession of the ball, managed the pace of the game without any major hiccups. With this result, Torreense moves up to fourth place, with 10 points in half of the games; On the other hand, Benfica drops to the second-to-last place, with just four points in five games.

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