Exciting New Tools For Designers, October 2021

There are some scary finds in this month’s October collection of resources and tools for designers and developers. From interesting tools that can help in the design process to sumptuous fonts, there is something for everyone here.

Here’s what’s new for designers this month …


Atropos is a lightweight, open source JavaScript library for creating touch-friendly, three-dimensional hover effects. The results are amazing and have a nice parallax style. Everything is highly configurable and customizable. It is available for JavaScript, React and Vue.js and has zero dependencies.

CSS Gradient Editor

CSS Gradient Editor helps you create the perfect gradient style – you can start with presets – that you can use in projects. Design a background, fill, or almost any other gradient element you may need, make adjustments or adjustments, and then get CSS with a single click so you can use it right away.


Octopus.do is a fast visual sitemap builder that lets you work in real time using the content stone method. Share and collaborate in real time, and no sign-up is required to use it.

Pirsch Analytics

Pirsch Analytics is a privacy-friendly, open source alternative to Google Analytics easy, cookie-free and easily integrated on any website or directly in your backend. It includes filters to see metrics the way you want and light and dark modes.

Basic pattern storage

Basic Pattern Repository is a collection of simple SVG patterns for projects. Everything is anchored in a simple style to help push projects faster. You can get it via GitHub or as a Figma library.


Blobr is a way to get a branded API portal, manage access and monitor usage in one place. Customize everything to fit your brand and the tool grows, as you do, with the ability to increase or change capacity. Plus, it’s easy to set up and free to use.


HEXplorer helps you better understand something you use all the time – HEX colors. This pen by Rob DiMarzo shows how the values ​​of different colors come together to provide greater understanding when it comes to this color format.


CCCreate is a curated collection of tools and resources for web creators. It contains some tools that have been around for a while, as well as some beginners. Everything is grouped and sorted by resource type – color, icons, type, layout, animation, shapes, documents and miscellaneous, so you can find what you are looking for faster.


Glass is a photo sharing app for photographers. It’s a kind of social network that lets you share photos with the larger photography community without “likes”. Just great pictures.


Revolt is a chat app that is still in beta and designed for easy communication without having to download apps. It is an open source project that can be customized and with an intuitive and recognizable interface. What is different about this app is that it is built on a model with privacy.

Doodle Ipsum

Doodle Ipsum is the illustrated version of placeholder elements. Customize your doodles, tag the code and use them on your web prototypes, landing pages or codeless tools.


Mechanic is an open source framework that helps you create custom, web-based tools that export design assets in your browser. The best part is that you can try it right on the screen using the “poster generator.” If you like what you see, there is plenty of documentation to help you along the way.

Mid site template

Medio is a website design template for desktop style for Bootstrap 5. The layout is perfect for a design agency or marketing group, but can be adjusted to almost any multi-purpose design. The free template contains a minimal design and includes features like parallax, popup video and more.

Tutorial: Simplifying shape styles with accent color

This guide is a lifesaver when it comes to using and understanding the new CSS accent-color property. This quick lesson will help you make your life easier and easier to use. It starts by specifying an accent color property on the root element and then applying it.

Houdini. How

Houdini.how is a worklet library full of CSS and code examples to help you work smarter. See what different elements look like across browsers, and learn how to tweak the code and put it together the way you want it. Houdini is a set of low-level APIs that reveal parts of the CSS engine, giving developers the power to extend CSS by engaging in the styling and layout of a browser’s rendering engine.

Chain starters

Chainstarters is a powerful, fast, Web3-enabled platform for software developers. It eliminates the burden of creating and maintaining a secure and scalable infrastructure so you can focus on creating great technology.

Web Vitals Robot

Web Vitals Robot is a search engine optimization tool that monitors SEO metrics for you – so you can prevent your business from disappearing from Google.


Searchable is a unified search tool that looks at local, cloud storage and apps to find the files you are looking for. It returns results in the blink of an eye with previews, so you do not have to open every file to find what you are looking for.


Athlone is a fun series with lots of personality. The free demo version includes a limited character set for personal use only, and the full version has everything you need for fun viewing or branding with this font.


Capitana is a Geometric Sans font with humanistic proportions and open openings. This means that all shapes are constructed from basic shapes, the circle, the triangle and the square, and are designed according to the classical proportions of the Roman Antiqua. Clear ascents and pointed peaks with deep transcendence give it a cool beauty and classic elegance. It contains 784 characters per page. Style in nine weights from thin to black, it offers both light and extremely heavy weights for striking headlines.


Colors is a funky script with just enough texture to keep it interesting. The free version contains a partial character set and is for personal use only.


Flexible is a variable font that includes 18 styles in the family. It is made for creativity and display use. This font is made to experiment because there are so many things you can do with this single family.

Singo Sans Serif

Singo Sans Serif is a simple and strong font that would be an excellent display option. The free version is for personal use only. Funny fact: Singo means lion in Indonesia and this is where the name of this strong font comes from.

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