Ex-combatants repudiated Javier Milei for defending Margaret Thatcher

Through a statement published this Monday, the Center for Former Combatants of the Malvinas Islands (CECIM) in the city of La Plataexpressed his total repudiation of the claim of the figure of the former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, on behalf of Javier Milei, in the presidential debate.

The group of ex-combatants pointed out that “Milei refers to those who since 1833 have illegally usurped part of our territory and idolizes Margaret Thatcher“, responsible for the death of 634 soldiers, which is an enemy of Argentina.” The controversy arose in June of last year, when the La Libertad Avanza candidate had acknowledged that he feels “very identified” with the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, who carried out the British offensive in the 1982 Falklands War.

Elections 2023: Malvinas ex-combatants repudiate Javier Milei’s statements

The issue came into focus again last night, during the presidential debate, in response to Massa’s query about the islands in the Foreign Relations bloc. There Milei confirmed her affinity with the figure of the British leader and said that she was “a great leader.”

In the document, published this Monday through social networks, the ex-combatants asked: “Are we Argentines who inhabit this land with an immensity of resources willing to give the possibility through universal voting to those who, with old patterns of political colonization and culture of delivery, make Argentina a NO COUNTRY?

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The CECIM pointed out that among all the leaders of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), starting with Milei and passing through Victoria Villarruel and the rest of those who make up their lists, there is a “common denominator which is hatred and contempt for any person who does not coincides with their political ideas and expressions.”

In that sense, they warned of the risk that this implies for these 40 years of recovery of democracy and the basic agreements of democratic coexistence built and stated: “No to Milei.” Thus, they concluded: “We defend a Sovereign Argentina with a broad social sense. We did not vote for Milei. Our vote is for Sergio Massa.”

What Milei said about the Malvinas in the presidential debate

When consulted by Sergio Massa If you consider that The Falkland Islands are ArgentineMilei responded: “We consider that the Malvinas are Argentine. Victoria is the daughter of a Malvinas hero and we are going to exhaust all diplomatic avenues so that the islands become Argentine again. Enough of that cheap nationalism”, in one of the controversies of the night at the Faculty of Law.

However, when reminded of his affinity with the former English prime minister, the libertarian continued: “In the history of humanity, there have been great leaders and Thatcher was. He had a significant role in the fall of the Berlin Wall.” In an attempt to clarify his position, the LLA candidate compared it to “when Germany scored four goals against Argentina in ’74 and Cruyff broke it” (with an error, since it was Holland and not Germany). “You would have to consider that Cruyff “He’s a terrible player,” he said. “Or with the goals he Mbappé he did to us in the final, you would have to despise him for that. One thing has to do with the other. We had a war and we lost that war“, he continued with his eccentric example.

For its part, Massa refuted: “Thatcher is an enemy of Argentina, yesterday today and always. Our heroes are absolutely non-negotiable As much as Thatcher is a figure for you, for me she is not.“. Along those lines, the Unión por la Patria candidate noted: “You said that Margaret Thatcher “She was your idol and that the Kelpers have the right to self-determination for the Malvinas.”

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