Eternals Ticket Sales Beating Black Widow & Shang-Chi

Within just one day of sale, the early Marvel’s tickets Eternities has already begun to exceed Black widow and Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings. After being forced to take 2020 free due to the coronavirus pandemic, MCU has returned in full force this year. So far, the franchise has released two films, and both have given some much-needed life to the domestic box office. Black widow set things in motion in July with then the biggest opening weekend of the pandemic, and Shang-Chi followed in September and broke Labor Day records on its way to becoming the current film with the biggest revenue in 2021.

Next up is Chloé Zhao’s Eternities, a cosmic epic that is very different from Black widow and Shang-Chi. For one thing, Eternities is an ensemble piece instead of a solo story. Second, it will span thousands of years and introduce such a strong team that fans wonder why they did not take Thanos alone. Eternities will follow Shang-Chi‘s steps and debut exclusively in theaters. Tickets went on sale on Monday and they already suggest Marvel has another monetary revenue on its hands.

About Deadline, Eternities reportedly earned $ 2.6 million in advance ticket sales within the first 24 hours of being available. This is 86% above Shang-Chiwho scored $ 1.4 million and 30% over Black widow ($ 2 million). Meanwhile, AMC reports it Eternities has reached their biggest day 1 sale in all of 2021.

Although this does not give much indication of how large an opening Eternities will score, it looks like the Marvel movie is ready to give a big boost when it comes in November. Right now is the record holder for the best opening weekend in 2021 Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which recently smashed Black widowrecord on the way to earning $ 90 million in three days. Eternities may not beat it, but it may very well serve as one of the biggest debuts since the pandemic began. This will be a big win for theaters and for Marvel, and it can help compensate for any slack caused by Eternities not released in China (as its chances are currently up in the air).

The pandemic has made it difficult to predict how new movies will work in the box office, but blockbuster likes it Gift 2 and Shang-Chi has helped a lot when it comes to stabilizing the industry. Eternities, with his diverse cast and Oscar-winning pedigree (courtesy of the recent best director winner Zhao), has many things to his advantage. As the early sale has shown, the audience is listening and they are excited to see what the film has to offer.

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