Estela de Carlotto: “Victoria Villarruel wants to erase history”

The head of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo crossed paths with Javier Milei’s vice candidate for proposing a change in the management of the former ESMA, where a clandestine detention center operated during the last civil-military dictatorship.

The president of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto, today criticized the candidate for vice president of La Libertad Avanza, Victoria Villarruel, for proposing that a center operate on the grounds of the former ESMA, where during the last civil-military dictatorship clandestine detention, be destined for something “that all the people enjoy”.

“What Villarruel wants is to erase history and it is not going to be erased because that is what Human Rights Organizations and the Argentine people are for”warned the human rights representative.

Interviewed by FuturockCarlotto believed that the current libertarian representative “She is a deranged woman” who “believes she is a queen who can erase everything and put what she wants”.

However, he said that “he has been talking nonsense” and that “we should not give him even a minute of attention.” “Let him say whatever antics he wants,” he added from Córdoba, where this Monday he met with Governor Juan Schiaretti.

Last night, on the program Just One More Turn (TN), Villarruel opened the controversy by giving his opinion on a possible change in the management of the former Navy Mechanics School, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO. “A property like ESMA, which has 17 hectares, could be enjoyed by all the Argentine people. Those facilities, at the time, were intended to house schools and that is what we need most,” said the LLA applicant.

Villarruel also called for “having a broad vision of human rights,” insisting that the people who “died from a cyanide pill ordered by Montoneros or placing a bomb that exploded” are not victims and called for “review.” the compensation that their relatives could have received.

In the same report, the running mate of the presidential candidate Javier Milei also confirmed that the force plans to reopen the discussion on the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law in case of winning the ballot on November 19 and becoming president.

Villarruel confirmed that LLA wants to reopen the discussion for the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy Law

“I would like the discussion to take place on scientific bases and on serious arguments and not as ideological as those that colored the promulgation of the law in 2020.”
The lawyer and president of the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism and its Victims (Celtyv) maintained that the law that governs the country “unfortunately ends up stretching to infinity” and stated: “Today you find women who are aborting children at term, “I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

When the interviewer asked her about the documentary evidence that supported her statement, the candidate responded: “Just by alleging that you have psychological problems, the mother can obtain authorization for the abortion. Let’s understand that that was not the spirit of the law.” “.

Beyond what he stated, Villarruel clarified that the discussion is not a priority in this economic context. “I believe that this is an issue that has an urgency that is not imminent. The economy is totally exorbitant and that means that you cannot trade or live, your salary is useless, you cannot rent, you cannot do absolutely anything financially. and also, you don’t have security. We don’t encrypt it in time, but at some point we would like the discussion,” he indicated.

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