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Netflix cartoons Last place may be finished after three seasons, but this is not the last we hear about Gary, Mooncake and the rest of the band. Today will see the arrival of Final Space: The Rescue to Meta Quest, a cooperative shooter that takes fans on a whole new adventure.

Developed by Grab Games – the creator of the boxing title Knockout LeagueFinal Space: The Rescue educates you to save Mooncake from an unnamed force and shoot your way through wave after wave of Last place enemies; most of which appear to be robots.

The cartoon series was all about the team in Galaxy One working together, and it is no different in this VR experience. While you can play solo, Final Space: The Rescue supports four-player co-op where you can choose to play as Gary, Avocato, Nightfall or Tribore. You will be able to use an arsenal of weapons to fight your way through opponents’ attacks.

Aside from the latest gameplay trailer (seen above), Grab Games has not released too many details regarding other facets of Final Space: The Rescue such as weapon variant if there are multiple modes or other game features that do not include shooting.

Final Space: The Rescue

What is expected is plenty of nods and Easter eggs to the popular TV series, much like Owlchemy Labs’ Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-ality did back in 2017. VRFocus would expect to see people like Lord Commander, Bolo and maybe even the appearance of KVN along the way.

Final Space: The Rescue launched today at 18.00 GMT / 10.00 PST (January 13) for Quest 1 & 2, with SteamVR and PlayStation VR editions arriving at a later date. Keep reading for continued updates VRFocus.


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