English Premier League: Liverpool secures Truman his first contract at the age of 17

Fort Nadi Liverpool Runner-up at the top of the English Premier League table, and the professional among its ranks is the Egyptian international Mohamed Salah, whose young player, Ben Trueman, signed his first professional contract.

English Premier League

The official Liverpool website published a statement confirming that Ben Truman had signed his first professional contract with Liverpool FC. The statement added that 17-year-old Ben Truman from the Weston area had joined the academy since he was five years old.

He continued, playing in his first year with Mark Bridge Wilkinson’s Under-18s this season, and has been a regular figure in the central midfield.

The young player is good at passing set-pieces and also played for the England national team in the junior age groups.

Salah shines in the English Premier League

On the other hand, Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool player, is close to joining the list of the top 10 scorers in the history of the English Premier League competition, after he continued his wonderful scoring record in the Reds shirt in the Premier League during the current season 2023-2024.

Mohamed Salah succeeded in scoring 149 goals during his participation in 243 English Premier League matches for Liverpool and Chelsea, and he also made 68 other goals.

Mohamed Salah is ranked eleventh in the Premier League’s all-time top scorers, with Les Fernandes, the former Tottenham, Leicester City, Queens Park Rangers and Newcastle star.

The Egyptian star now needs to score a single goal after the current international break, in the English Premier League, to join the list of the top 10 scorers in the Premier League and equal the number recorded by Michael Owen, who is in tenth place with 150 goals.

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