Dueling Pixel 8 pricing rumors point to likely price hikes for Google’s next phones


  • Two new reports have us wondering whether the Pixel 8 Pro will see a price hike.
  • Both sources have the Pixel 8 pegged at $700 — a $100 bump over last generation.
  • As for the Pixel 8 Pro, one report says we’re looking at a similar $100 price hike for that phone, while another says it’ll keep its $900 price point from the Pixel 7 Pro before it.

As is usual for Google’s pre-release hype cycle, we’ve seen no shortage of leaks and rumors surrounding the Pixel 8 series. Set for its official debut on October 4th, we’ve learned nearly everything there is to know about the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro — save for its price tags. From refreshed designs and colors to new photo modes, it’s what Google’s latest devices will cost you that have, so far, eluded us. It seems that, with just over a week to go, that’s no longer true, as a pair of dueling rumors are giving us some insight into Google’s pricing plans.

Today’s double round of reporting comes after earlier rumors of a pretty steep price hike in Europe. That rumor saw prices for both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro rising across the board, with increases averaging around €100 to €200, depending on the model. Those are steep hikes, though there was no guarantee at the time that these increases would arrive stateside.

Unfortunately, it sounds like Pixel fans in the US will pay more for this year’s Google lineup, though it’s unclear by how much. Our first report comes from 9to5Google, which, with the help of an anonymous retail source, claims both the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will see $100 price increases over the Pixel 7. That puts the smaller midrange flagship at $700, while the top-tier Pixel 8 Pro breaks through the four-digit mark at $1,000.

9to5Google also says the phones will hit store shelves on October 12th. Considering we know the devices are going up for preorder after Google’s event on the 4th, the timing makes perfect sense.

But hold on, because the pricing rumors aren’t finished. Seemingly in response to 9to5Google’s reporting, Kamila Wojciechowska — a frequent source behind plenty of Pixel hardware details — tweeted out a screenshot showcasing Pixel pricing alongside specs and features for both phones, with one crucial detail changed from the original rumor.

While this image — which is marked with “Pixel for Business” branding — keeps the Pixel 8 at its new $700 price tag, the Pixel 8 Pro remains stuck at $900 for its base model. That would cement Google’s top phone at that price for the third generation in a row. Considering Apple just raised the starting price of its top-tier iPhone 15 Pro Max — albeit by eliminating the base storage model, not with a traditional increase — it would be a big shot across the bow at one of Google’s biggest competitors.

Either way, we won’t have to wait long to find out the truth. Made by Google is set to take the stage in New York City on October 4th at 10 AM ET. We’ll be there to get our hands on the latest Pixels — and, you know, to find out just how much you’ll actually be paying for these things.

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