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He ‘‘ from Google today, Tuesday, November 21, remembers who Dr. Victor Chang was in life, a Chinese-Australian surgeon who was a pioneer in modern heart transplant surgery. He was born on this day in Shanghai in 1936.

At a young age, his mother developed breast cancer, which led to Dr.’s connection and interest. Victor Chang in the field of medicine. He studied medicine and surgery at University of Sydneybefore beginning his residence in the Hospital St. Vincent and work in various hospitals around the world. He returned to Australia in 1972 and became a cardiothoracic surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

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One of his most impressive contributions to medicine was the development of the St. Vincent artificial heart valve. It was significantly cheaper than previous models, making it accessible globally for use in life-saving procedures.

Dr. Chang He also performed a successful heart transplant on the youngest Australian patient, Fiona Coote, in 1984, when I was only 14 years old. She received a second heart transplant two years later and today Fiona is the longest surviving heart transplant recipient in Australia.

Dr. Chang was passionate about sharing knowledge and skills to improve global healthcare. He created the Victor Chang Foundation in 1984. The Foundation provides grants to educate Southeast Asian surgeons with the goal of bringing them to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney to train them in advanced cardiac surgery, particularly heart transplants. Grants are also awarded to programs that explore innovation in cardiac surgery.

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In 1994, the Research Institute was founded and named after him to honor his legacy and remains dedicated to finding cures, prevention and diagnostic tools for cardiovascular diseases. Through these organizations, medical advances continue to save lives.

The doctor. Victor Chang died on July 4, 1991 in Mosman, Australia.


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