Disturbing: what the rape prosecution against “Teto” Medina says

"Here" Medina in September 2022, after being released following his arrest for human trafficking
“Teto” Medina in September 2022, after being released following his arrest for human trafficking

Ayer, Judge Martín Del Viso prosecuted the driver Marcelo “Teto” Medina by three acts of sexual abuse with carnal access and a fact of threats aggravated by the use of weapons, with a seizure of more than 20 million pesos. The victim is his ex-partner, Monica Marcela Fernandezwho had reported him for these events in 2019, four years ago.

The magistrate also He prohibited Medina from approaching his ex and his family group physically or virtually., with a perimeter restriction of 500 meters. You cannot contact her in any way.

The prosecution, despite the seriousness of the accusation, It did not include preventive detention. Alejandro Cipolla, the plaintiff lawyer in the case who represents Fernández along with Francisco Oneto, does not agree on this matter. “I am going to appeal this resolution because I understand that he must be in prison. The expected sentence for crimes is more than 20 years. Medina should not be free, he is a danger to society and to my client,” Cipolla told Infobae.

This medium accessed the full text of processing signed by Judge Del Viso. The description of the facts, to begin with, is disturbing.

The Venus hotel, where one of the alleged abuses occurred
The Venus hotel, where one of the alleged abuses occurred

The first incident of which he is accused occurred on January 8, 2019 in a hotel accommodation on Oro Street in Palermo. “The accused told her that the father was a very womanizing man, and that if he had known her, he would have wanted to fuck her.”, states the transcript. What follows in the text is irreproducible.

The second fact It happens in the middle of a drunken Medina with a bottle of absinthe, in another hotel accommodation, the Venus, located in San Martín y Empedrado. “The victim said that once she finished Medina, the victim started crying and told her that she didn’t like her.” The response she received, according to her story, was: “Why are you crying, if whores like it?”

The third occurred between September 18 or 19, 2019, after Fernández picked up Medina at the El Trece studios in Constitución, to go sleep at the woman’s house in José Mármol. “While they were sleeping, at night, Medina woke up Mónica Marcela Fernández, covered her mouth with one of her hands, and in a lying position teaspoon He told him that he had entered the room and it was his father., that she was the little daughter, that she was the little girl, that she didn’t have to tell her mother anything,” the text states. Then, according to her accusation, he would have abused her.

“This situation, as Fernández explained it, was forced, every time Medina put his hand over her mouth, and covered it in such a way that it prevented her from speaking, while telling her that every woman’s fantasy was to sleep with her father“, continued the judge, reflecting the victim’s testimony.

Fragment of the processing of Medina
Fragment of the processing of Medina

In his investigation before the judge, Medina not only denied all the facts: he even denied that the complainant was his partner. He stated that he met her on a social network in 2015 and that he could go months without seeing her, a relationship that was, in any case, occasional.

However, the judge valued the testimony of a woman who appeared at the prosecutor’s office in the caseby Marcelo Roma: the woman assured that she had been with the driver in the middle of the relationship and that He experienced episodes of violence similar to those suffered by Fernández.

The psychologist who treated Fernández also testified in the file. The specialist stated that “his version It remained coherent and consistent and revealed elements that allowed us to infer consequences of traumatic experiences. committed by Medina, and did not appreciate issues that suggested that Fernández suffers from a psychotic condition,” Del Viso continued.

He risk assessment report prepared by the Office of Victim and Witness Assistance It was particularly incriminating. In the report, it was recorded that the attacks carried out by the accused began in 2016. He reported on the psychological abuse that Medina allegedly exercised through “cellopathy, restrictions on his person, control of his activities, denigration” in addition to the reported facts.

The Directorate of Support, Guidance and Protection for Victims of the Public Prosecutor’s Office He also interviewed the victim and provided a similar report. The psychological evaluation of the Forensic Medical Corps carried out on the victim further validated her testimony: it determined that “no psychotic disorders were detected in Fernández, in whose person a tendency to concretely manage reality would prevail and at times with marked emergence of anxiety and anguish.”

Besides, The driver remains linked to the cause investigated by the organization La Razón de Vivirwhich posed as a therapeutic community to rehabilitate people dependent on drugs and then, according to the accusation of prosecutor Daniel Ichazo, subject them to a state of slavery.

Medina was accused of recruiting victims. Today, is a secondary participant in the cause, which is under analysis in the Buenos Aires Supreme Court, as an attempt is made to determine its transfer to federal jurisdiction. The crime would be human trafficking.

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