Dish TV Upgrading Users to HD Box for Rs 999 and Giving One Month Free Pack

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Dish TV, the second largest DTH (Direct-to-Home) operator in the country, upgrades users to its HD Box for only 999 Rs. However, the offer only applies to those users who already own an SD STB (Set-Top Box). Along with the upgrade, the company will also offer users a free HD channel package for one month. This will be another saving for the user.

To give you perspective, HD STB from Dish TV is currently available for Rs 1,540. So you save a lot by upgrading!

Information on satellite TV HD STB upgrade offer

The HD package that will be offered to you for free will be the same SD package that you are currently using, but with added HD channels. Channels like & TV HD, StarPlus HD, ZEETV HD, ZEE Cinema HD and more are available to the users.

The advantage of switching to an HD box is that users get 5 times better image clarity than what they get with the SD box. The world has completely switched to HD content and thus with an HD Box you can watch your favorite content with much more clarity and improved quality.

With the Dish TV HD box, it is not only the visual but also the sound quality that is improved. Dish TV says it packs the HD STB with a 5.1 Surround Sound feature, which is guaranteed to deliver a better audio experience than what users get with the Dish TV SD STB.

All of this can be made available to an existing satellite TV user for only 999 Rs. The HD channel packages are a little more expensive, but it’s all worth it. You can place the order for the upgrade directly from Dish TV’s website, or you can also contact the company’s customer service team. The STB comes with the new advanced remote control, HDMI cable, power adapter and much more.


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