Diego Torres’ emotion when remembering his mother Lolita: “She asked me not to stop being an actor”

Diego Torres’ emotion when remembering his mother, Lolita: “She asked me not to stop being an actor” (Video: La Peña de Morfi, Telefe)

With the good humor that characterizes him, Diego Torres was invited this Sunday to La Peña de Morfithe cycle they lead Jessica Cirio y Diego Leuco, by Telefe. On this occasion, the journalist rejoined the program to replace Georgina Barbarossa. When the musician arrived at the studio, the cook was waiting for him Santiago Giorgini with one of Diego’s favorite dishes: roast beef stuffed with parmesan cheese and crispy potatoes.

“What a pleasure to come here to La Peña de Morfi and they feed me!” the singer said with a laugh. He then prepared to try a bite of the tempting recipe. “You already know, When your wife leaves you, I’ll be waiting for you. “We are going to live together, you cook,” he joked with the chef.

After singing, Diego sat down with Leuco to engage in a very intimate one-on-one. “I am happy to sing for the first time at the Movistar Arena, the first days of December. “I am going to close an intense year in Buenos Aires,” said the artist as soon as the talk began. “Also, today is a special day, which means a good mother in our lives. Happy day to all the mothers who are taking care of their children”, he celebrated before the cameras.

Leuco asked him about the legacy that his mother, the renowned actress and singer, had left him. Lola Torres. “When I started in this environment, my mother told me: ‘I’m just going to ask you to take this profession seriously.“, revealed. Right away, she developed the concept. “I think that my mother saw me as a crazy idiot. Mom told me ‘If you’re going to do this, do it professionally.’ And she left me many lessons when I started working as an actor and later with music. I remember that mom told me: ‘Now that you are doing very well with music. don’t abandon the actor.’ And I followed the advice of my mother, who was a figure not only for people but also for my brothers and my family, which is why she never stops being with us all the time,” he highlighted.

Diego Torres' emotion when remembering his mother, Lolita: "She asked me not to stop being an actor" (La Peña de Morfi, Telefe)
Diego Torres’ emotion when remembering his mother, Lolita: “She asked me not to stop being an actor” (La Peña de Morfi, Telefe)

“And what does it mean to take it seriously? Because you are not solemn or boring,” the driver asked him. “It is combining the fact of having a good time, enjoying, and to be lucky enough to be able to live doing what you love, working where people have fun, with the seriousness and responsibility that we have when going on stage and that if there are imperfections in a show, we will jump over them with integrity. “I think he was referring to that,” explained the author of “Try to be better”.

Then, the production put together a videotape with some very unique images, where the 13-year-old musician was seen singing with his mother. Diego watched the entire clip carefully with his eyes full of tears. At the end, he could not contain his excitement. “Wow, what a nice moment! We were lucky to have a very special mother, she had a very intense life, with many beautiful moments and also very hard ones. That’s what I think made her a fighting, wise spirit.. Every time I see this video it kills me because I was 13 years old, I didn’t even have a beard. “It is a beautiful memory,” he said.

Later, he told the emotional situations he experienced with the public. “What I like most about this job is being able to accompany people’s lives in different circumstances. I have a cousin who is a surgical instrument technician and she sends me videos of women at the time of childbirth listening to my songs. That kills me, for my last birthday they sent me a video with very nice messages from people,” she shared with the drivers.

“I don’t want to lose my authenticity and that connection I have with people. It’s my essence, it has to do with my dad too. He was a very street guy and he taught us to be like that. “I inherited that essence,” concluded the artist.

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