Diego Costa vents about disallowed goal against Atlético-MG: ‘They got their hands dirty’

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Diego Costa complains after disallowed goal: ‘It’s important for the championship that Botafogo doesn’t shoot’

Atlético-MG striker spoke in an interview in the mixed zone of Arena MRV

Diego Costa was angry after the defeat of Botafogo for the Atlético-MG. In an interview leaving the stadium, the number 19 made harsh criticisms of Ramon Abatti Abel’s refereeing.

In a long outburst, the center forward stated that his disallowed goal was legal and that they ‘put their hand’ in the interpretation, in addition to pointing out that ‘it’s not attractive’ to see Botafogo take the lead in the league. Brasileirão.

“It’s very clear that it was a legal goal. They got involved in the issue of interpretation. They didn’t even think about it or look at it much. We know that for the competition it is more attractive to keep Botafogo closer to their opponents. It’s a matter of logic. In a play like this, It doesn’t have to be revised from one moment to the next. It had to be analyzed carefully”, he said.

“I was offside, yes, but at no point did I interfere in the play. The defender took the ball away because he was following another of my teammates, and the referee and the flag man interpreted it that way. I think it was a cool goal, I have no doubt. I hope this is seen, but calmly. It’s part of it”, he continued.

“That’s what football is. We have to know that we have to go against everyone. It’s Botafogo, Botafogo, Botafogo… against the others. It’s about keeping our heads held high and being more united than ever. In this fight, we’re going to be alone. It’s us, the fans and teammates here”, he concluded.

In the play claimed by Diego Costa, in the 43rd minute of the second half, he returned from an irregular position in a cross in the area, when Mauricio Lemos cut across the number 19, who finished into the net.

Botafogo’s next games

  • Corinthians (F): 9/22, 8pm (Brasília time) – Brasileirão

  • Goiás (C): 2/10, 8pm (Brasília time) – Brasileirão

  • Fluminense (F): 10/8, 4pm (Brasília time) – Brasileirão

Diego Costa, in an illegal position, tries not to participate in the play before a goal (disallowed) against Atlético-MGSporTV/Premiere reproduction

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