Did the suspension of Alonso’s Aston Martin F1 really break?

Despite starting from seventh place, Fernando Alonso He was the last driver of those who finished the race to cross the finish line in the Singapore Grand Prix 2023 after a true odyssey for both him and the team, as both parties recognized after the meeting.

However, rumors quickly began to spread on social media that the suspension of the Aston Martin AMR23 of the Asturian driver had broken on the second lap of the race and therefore Alonso had been forced to complete the race practically with a damaged left front suspension.

But did the suspension really break on Alonso’s Aston Martin in Singapore?

To begin with a simple rule of motorsports, the breakage of one of the suspensions of a single-seater Formula 1 entails the withdrawal almost instantlysince it absorbs the forces generated after the contact of the tires and the asphalt, maintaining the car height as controlled as possiblesomething that is fundamental in the highest category of motorsports and even more so since the return of the ground effect.

That is, the suspension of Aston Martin by Alonso it did not break in it Marina Bay Street Circuit. However, it should be noted that there was damage in that area that could have affected, although to a lesser extent obviously, the performance of the Spanish pilot’s AMR23.

As can be compared in a series of photographs, in fact Alonso acknowledged that he and his team noticed the breakdown during the pit stop and following some photographs, the green car suffered damage or rather, completely lost the carbon fiber suspension fairing or trim.

This piece is used to cover the suspension and has a protective effect while also being a aerodynamic element of the car: its function in that sense is to divert the air flow to areas where it is a benefit and not a detriment.

That is to say, Alonso’s radio in which he told the team that the car was “undriveable” Yes, it could have something to do with said event, since there could have been changed the dynamics of the air flow on the left side of the carwhile the right continued as planned, possibly altering the aerodynamic efficiency of the AMR23.

In summary, Alonso did not compete in the Singapore GP with a broken left front suspensionsince that would have been impossible, especially if the event occurred on lap 2 of 62, but yes suffered a possible aerodynamic alteration after losing the carbon fiber fairing that surely caused the sensations behind the wheel for the two-time world champion to be radically different from what he was used to up to that point of the weekend.

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