Developments in Sahar Al-Sayegh’s health condition after she was involved in a traffic accident

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Monday, November 13, 2023

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The artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, revealed the developments in the health condition of the artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh, after she was involved in a traffic accident with her car.

Rania published pictures of her and Sahar on her Instagram account, and commented: “My love and my beautiful sister, Sahar Al-Sayegh… Thank God for your safety, always in good health and wellness.”

She added: “Appreciation, kindness, and good night, people. Praise be to God, as good as it is. I love you, my beautiful sister.”

The artist, Sahar Al-Sayegh, announced that she had been involved in an accident through her Facebook account, and commented: “Praise be to God, there was an accident yesterday, and the entire car was stuck on an island in the middle of the road. God destined and did what he wanted.”

She added: “This is not important. The important thing is that I understood the meaning of the call, may God protect you from halal children. Praise be to God, our Lord has saved me about 30 halal children. They literally removed Arabic and did not use Arabic on the asphalt. I thank you very much and a thousand thousand of your goodness. It is true that Egypt has men.”

It is noteworthy that Sahar Al-Sayegh’s latest work is the series “Baba Al Majal”, starring Mustafa Shaaban, Sawsan Badr, Riyad Al-Khouly, Bassem Samra, Nisreen Amin, written by Muhammad Al-Shawaf, directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa.

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