Deutsche Post Offsets CO2 Emissions For Letter Mail Transport

Deutsche Post Group DHL has announced that it will offset CO2 emissions for letter transport in 2022 at no extra cost. DHL noted that in the last decade, it has been transporting all of its packages for its customers with a climate-friendly “GoGreen” service, and that it is starting to immediately offset all CO2 emissions generated by its mail transport. Until recently, the company’s GoGreen option was subject to a tax. It was also only available to business customers with a shipping volume of at least 50,000 items per year.

Deutsche Post stated that it will offset any unavoidable CO2 emissions that result from the transport of mail and have investments in internationally recognized and certified climate protection projects. The company noted that its activities handled 6.5 billion letters by 2020, equivalent to a compensation of over 300,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Domestic advertising mail and press product customers will still have the option of ordering GoGreen as an additional service.

Ole Nordhoff, Chief Marketing Officer at Deutsche Post, shared that climate protection is a core focus of the company, which is remarkable as the company’s focus is on transporting things around the world, a high-emission activity.

“Climate protection is a key focus for Deutsche Post. Already today, we have by far the largest fleet of electric vans, electric bicycles and cargo bikes that provide the industry’s most climate-friendly postal and parcel delivery service. And our parcel customers have for years responded very positively to “The climate-friendly shipping we have delivered to all private customer packages. Now we also introduce it to our mail operations and make our entire mail transport greener. This also helps our business customers to make their mail correspondence with end customers greener.”

A green shipping idea

I have noticed that various companies that I buy from offer a “green” or climate-friendly shipping option. Von Holzhausen is one such company, and the way they pack their products to make them more climate-friendly has inspired me to ship my own jewelry. I make and sell handmade jewelry, and I always recycle the bubble wrap and other supplies, such as peanuts or foam that come with them. I also recycle plastic materials or recycle them – try to find a good use for them instead of just throwing them away.

But reading that press release gave me an idea. What if we charged more for shipping a non-green way. Like, instead of charging for a GoGreen type of service, charge more for those who do not use that service, and make the GoGreen shipping either free or the cheapest option?

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