De Gea tops the list of the most prominent players available for free in Europe

The Spaniard leads David de GeaThe former English goalkeeper of Manchester United, a list of the most prominent players available for free contract in various stadiums around the world during the current period.

De Gea rejects the Saudi League offer

De Gea joined Manchester United in 2011 from Spain’s Atletico Madrid in a final transfer deal for approximately 25 million euros, before he left in the last summer transfer window and has not moved to any club since that moment.

The English newspaper, The Sun, said: The reason for the Spanish goalkeeper’s refusal Joining Al-Nasr Saudi Club is due to the refusal of his wife, who was reluctant to be in Saudi Arabia, even though he had a huge financial offer..

De Gea is the most prominent player available for free

The newspaper added that De Gea had rejected an offer from… Al Nassr FC In exchange for a salary estimated at approximately 500 thousand euros per week, which he did not receive with United, the newspaper confirmed that De Gea’s rejection of the offer came because his wife was not interested in moving to the Saudi League..

And he comes This is my choice At the top of the list of the most prominent players without clubs in the current period, which includes with him Jese Lingard, who became a free player after leaving the English team Nottingham Forest at the end of his contract last June after a single season following his departure from Manchester United.

The Dutch player of Moroccan origin, Anwar Al-Ghazi, also joined the list after the German club Mainz recently announced the termination of the player’s contract after his solidarity with Palestine against the brutal aggression by the Zionist entity. The termination of the Mainz contract of the player Anwar Al-Ghazi came one month after he joined the team in a free transfer deal.

The German club’s statement said: “Anwar Al-Ghazi has taken a position on the conflict in the Middle East, in a way that is unsustainable for the club, and the decision was taken after a discussion between the board of directors and the players.”

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