David Cameron… after 7 years of disappearance, he has become the head of British diplomacy

David Cameron, Britain’s new Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister, revealed his plan to manage the United Kingdom’s diplomacy in light of the escalation of events in the Middle East, especially with the extended relations that bind him with various world leaders during his presidency of the government..

And specify David Cameron Features of his strategy for managing the British Foreign Ministry, with supporting allies as a basic priority, as well as striving to achieve international security and stability as they reflect on Britain’s internal security..

Cameron said, in his first testimony on the blogging site “X”, that he took over the Foreign Ministry at the request of the current Prime Minister Rishi Sonak Successor to James Cleverly, who took over the Interior Ministry following the dismissal of Suella Braverman, emphasizing the current international challenges in Ukraine and the Middle East. Especially with global change .

Cameron added, “In these circumstances, we must stand by our allies, strengthen our partnerships and make sure our voice is heard.”“.

Cameron pointed out that he had been away from the political arena for 7 years, as he exercised his duties as British Prime Minister during the period from 2010 to 2016 and resigned from his position following the results of the referendum on his country’s exit from the European Union (Brexit), pointing to his political experience as leader of the Conservative Party for 11 years, including It enhances its ability to face these vital challenges .

Cameron pointed to Britain’s involvement in helping to ensure stability and security in the global arena as a necessary issue, as something that is in Britain’s interests, given that international security is important for internal security, as well as British trade relations in various parts of the world..

Cameron praised the role of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, considering that his joining his team in the government aims to form the strongest team that serves the interests of the United Kingdom. What can be presented when the general elections are held.

It is noteworthy that David Cameron’s account on the “X” platform focused on blog posts related to his commercial work and academic activity, and his political comments during the past month were limited to solidarity with Israel in light of the escalation of events on the seventh of last October, as well as praising the commemoration of the Holocaust..

Cameron’s acquisition of the “Foreign Affairs” portfolio in Sunak’s government was accompanied by a royal order issued by King Charles agreeing to grant him a seat in the British House of Lords, allowing him to return to the government as a minister even though he is not an elected member of Parliament..

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