Daniella Mastricchio’s harsh story: “When Chiquititas ended, the family ended”

The harsh testimony of former Chiquititas Daniella Mastricchio: “My own family turned their back on me and at 14, I had to work in an ice cream parlor to be able to eat”

Success, fame, a good economic life, childhood Daniella Mastricchio It seemed like every girl’s dream. From the age of 4 she began to go to castings and at 7 she was already doing print and television advertising. At 11, the little actress was already standing out in Chiquititas, the Argentine children’s soap opera produced by Cris Morena which was quite a phenomenon of the time. Travel, cars, houses with a pool, his work changed the life of his family. However, a few years later the contract ended, reality hit him hard and he suffered the abuse of his loved ones: “My own family turned their back on me and at 14, I had to work in an ice cream shop to be able to eat.”.

Sometimes it is easy to get to fame, but very hard to get out of it, that is exactly what the post-Chiquititas years were like for the little actress. The young girl that Cris Morena had touched with her magic wand – and transformed into Sol, Belén Fraga’s favorite in the iconic 90s series – found herself expelled from the artistic world and had to reinvent herself to survive.

“I was even ashamed, because after Chiquititas, After four hellish years of success, of theater, of not having time, of having no birthday, no need either, I am literally left with nothing. That is, even family, friends. At 14 years old she was working in a major ice cream chain to be able to eat,” the singer recalled in a chat with Alejandro Fantino in The Last Supper.

Daniella Mastricchio in her childhood during Chiquititas
Daniella Mastricchio in her childhood during Chiquititas

In her story, the actress highlighted how the end of the soap opera caused a division in the family and, little by little, it disunited it: “When Chiquititas ended, the family ended. I was left alone, at the moment when I most needed containment, at the moment when I most needed family, love. I had a very bad time, in fact that’s why I was very distant, always very low profile, but even embarrassing myself.”

Coping with the situation and overcoming what happened was not easy for Mastricchio. Years later, the young woman decided to address the issue in therapy and thus she was able to process what she had experienced. “I had to work all this because I did nothing but be a girl, work and enjoy what I did. Spot. I also had to take the time to process all this. I couldn’t even put words to what was happening to me. I I felt guilty for everything that happenedthat my family was not there,” he said.

Regarding the divisions she had with her family, the young woman said that years later she tried to reconcile with her loved ones and reconnect the ties. The first one she was able to recover was that of her father: “My father is now deceased. He passed away last year, but I was able to settle things.” Immediately afterwards, Fantino asked him about her mother, however the singer stated that he could not reconcile with her.

Daniella Mastricchio is an actress and singer
Daniella Mastricchio is an actress and singer

Now, years later, the artist told everything she experienced through her songs. In music she found a way to put words to her life. “After Chiquititas it’s like playing in first class, see? Then it was like ‘you’re not going to be able to, you’re going to be alone’. That was what I grew up with. Then I had to think. I worked all my life since I was four years old. “I never stopped working, ever,” said the actress.

Finally, Mastricchio explained that this situation even generated a kind of distrust in people, and that it was a long road to heal internally: “It took years. I don’t know if I was angry. I was frustrated. What you expect most from the people who should love you the most is that they love you, right? Then I understood over the years that everyone has their own way of loving. “When they say I love you, it’s real.”

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