Cross between Fantino and “Tronco” Figliuolo for the elections

The columnist of Fantino World in Radio Neura I was analyzing the results of the elections last Sunday, October 22, in the match of The slaughterplace where he lives, when suddenly, after a comment, Alejandro Fantino He told him “what a gorilla comment”which made him explode.

Sergio “Tronco” Figliuolo analyzed, according to him, why he had won Espinoza in that game: “Do you know what I blamed him for? To the lack of education, to the lack of culture. This is why.” To which the driver responded: “What a gorilla message.”

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The atmosphere was heating up and the rest of the team looked embarrassed. “Trunk” retorted: “They suck my egg and Don’t be more of a seventy-year-old to call gorilla to people because they think differently.

Alejandro looked at him surprised, the talk ended with insults, shouts and the fluttering of a pair of headphones by the columnist.

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A few minutes later, Horse rider He went to look for his partner, who was out of the studio and came back. The talk continued, without so much tension, and “Tronco” was able to clarify his way of acting.


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