Cristiano Ronaldo achieves a historic achievement in his career with Portugal…in numbers

Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated a historic achievement with Portugal national team By reaching the European Nations Cup “Euro 2024” with a full mark in the qualifiers for the first time, after achieving the tenth victory in a row.

Portugal won against Iceland with two unanswered goals yesterday evening, Sunday, in the final round, thanks to goals from Bruno Fernandes and substitute Ricardo Horta, and Ronaldo was unable to score, despite his multiple attempts during the entire match.

Portugal reached 30 points in Group 10 of the European qualifiers, through its presence in a group that includes Slovakia, Luxembourg, Iceland, Bosnia and Lintenstein.

Ronaldo, captain of the Saudi Al-Nassr, posted pictures from the match on his account on the “X” platform, and while celebrating the victory, he wrote: “A historic achievement, 100 percent full mark, all congratulations to Portugal.”

Cristiano Ronaldo was satisfied with the second place on the list of top scorers in the European qualifiers with 10 goals, while Romelu Lukaku, the Belgium striker, was alone at the top with 14 goals, after scoring 4 goals during his country’s 5-0 victory over Azerbaijan, also on Sunday.

Cristiano has a long record of numbers at the international level, the most notable of which are as follows:

Ronaldo’s tally of 865 goals in the 1,196 matches he played during his career.

128 international goals tally with the Portugal national team.

He played 69 matches with Portugal in the history of the Euros and the qualifiers, during which he scored 55 goals.

Portugal was officially qualified for Euro 2024 before the Iceland match, accompanied by 16 other teams: Germany, the “host” – Belgium – France – Portugal – Spain – Scotland – Turkey – Austria – England – Hungary – Slovakia – Albania – Denmark – Netherlands – Romania – Switzerland – Serbia.

The Portuguese national team, led by its star Cristiano Ronaldo, went through a distinguished journey in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, winning 10 matches, earning the full score of 30 points since the beginning of the qualifiers, scoring 36 goals and conceding two goals.

After scoring against Liechtenstein in the previous match, Cristiano Ronaldo reached the 1,111th goal contribution during his career with the World Cup, as he scored 865 goals and provided 246 assists in the 1,195 matches he played.

Cristiano Ronaldo also became the first player in history to score 10 goals with his country at the international level, at the age of 38, according to the French “Statesfoot” network, which specializes in statistics, raising his tally of international goals with the Portugal national team to 128 goals.

Ronaldo is looking forward to leading Portugal to the second European Nations Cup title in the history of European Brazil in Germany, after he led his country to its first championship in 2016 in France.

The European Nations Cup, Euro 2024, will be held in the summer of next year, with the participation of 24 teams, and thus 15 seats remain to be competed for.

The first- and second-place finishers in the ten qualifying groups qualify for Euro 2024, while waiting for the playoff matches, which will qualify 3 other teams to the tournament finals.

The Euro 2024 draw is scheduled to be held on Saturday, December 2, 2023, at the Elbe Orchestra in the German city of Hamburg.

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