Corinthians are eliminated by Fluminense from the Copa do Brasil U20 despite winning the second leg

This Tuesday, in a match valid for the return of the quarter-finals of the Copa do Brasil U20, the Corinthians won the Fluminense by the score of 3 to 1, at Fazendinha. However, despite the victory in the second game, Timão was eliminated from the tournament due to the aggregate score, which was 5-3 for the Cariocas. Timãozinho’s goals were scored by Higor, Breno Bidon and Matheus Henrique.

The first half at Fazendinha was hectic. With Corinthians looking to take control of the match to reverse the aggregate score, Danilo’s team opened the scoring with Higor after a beautiful pass from Arthur Sousa. Fluminense even tied the game with midfielder Dohmann. In the last play of the first half, Timãozinho suffered a penalty, taken by Breno Bidon, who stopped at the goalkeeper and hit the net with the rebound to leave the score 2-1 before the break.

The second half was more rhythmic and with fewer chances for both sides. Timãozinho was the one trying the most as he needed to score to at least tie the aggregate score. Matheus Henrique scored for Corinthians in the final stage, but the result was not enough to advance to the next stage in the competition.

Timãozinho’s schedule – Corinthians’ next commitment will be valid for Paulista championship Under-20 2023. The black and white team faces Palmeiras next Friday, at 4pm, at the Alfredo Schürig Stadium, Fazendinha, in a game in the second round of the third phase of the state tournament.


With the entire squad available, coach Danilo Andrade changed the traditional formation that the team had been playing and placed a thicker midfield for the match. With three midfielders in the starting team, Pedrinho was chosen to go to the reserve bench.

Thus, the Corinthians team that started the game against Fluminense was: Kaue; Thomas Agustín, João Pedro, Renato and Vitor Meer; Thomas Lisboa, Bahia and Breno Bidon; Higor, Kayke and Arthur Sousa.

My Timon

On the reserve bench, the options were: Felipe Longo, Caipira, Thierry, Dimas, Ryan, Leo Agostinho, Adryan, Breno Zanetti, Pedrinho, Jhonatan, Matheus Henrique and Abimael.

Fluminense went into the match with: Alvaro; Justen, Davi Schuindt, Kayky Almeida and Leo Jance; Erick, Dohmann and Arthur; Thiago, Agner and João Neto.

The game

First time

The match started with Corinthians trying to maintain possession of the ball and reach the attacking field with patience. However, Fluminense put high pressure on Timãozinho’s exit from the game and did not allow the black and white team to reach the offensive midfield.

The visiting team sought to create offensive plays on the side of the field, mainly on the right of attack. Vitor Meer had a lot of work to do in the opening minutes, always needing to be attentive to stop cross attempts in the area.

Eight minutes into the game, Corinthians managed to get scared for the first time in attack. After Kayke’s play on the left, the ball went over the baseline and a corner was awarded. In the cross, Arthur Sousa anticipated the defender and headed, sending the shot wide, but with great danger for goalkeeper Alvaro.

In the 17th minute of the first half, Corinthians opened the scoring after a beautiful exchange of passes with speed at the edge of the area. Arthur Sousa found a good pass for Higor, who dominated inside the area and finished low, with no chance of defense for the Fluminense goalkeeper.

With the goal, Timãozinho still needed three more to tie the aggregate score for the first game.

After opening the scoring, Corinthians continued to press in search of more goals in the first half. In exchange for calm passes at the edge of the area and all players in the offensive midfield, Timão won a corner. In a shot at the first post, João Pedro headed firmly and sent it over the goal, but raising the crowd at Fazendinha.

In the following minutes, the match was balanced in terms of chances created and was once again very stuck in midfield, without many opportunities for both teams. Fluminense went all out in search of a draw, while Corinthians defended themselves with great dedication and relied more on counterattacks.

After an offensive move by Fluminense, involving the Corinthians defense, the ball was crossed from the right at the second post, finding Dohmann free to head it. The number 8 of the Rio team did not forgive and tied the match after 28 minutes of play.

Timãozinho responded again in the 33rd minute. In a stolen ball, Arthur Sousa received it and made a good individual play. Shirt 9 adjusted his body and hit, leaving just a few centimeters from the Fluminense goal post.

After a new offensive move with a good exchange of passes, Thomas Lisboa received the ball at the edge of the free area to hit. The midfielder didn’t hesitate and shot at the goal, requiring a great save from the opposing goalkeeper.

In the 41st minute, after a corner kick, the ball fell to Corinthians and was played again in the area. Possession fell to defender João Pedro, who dominated, turned and finished towards the goal, but with great danger.

In stoppage time of the first stage, there was still time for a penalty to be awarded to Corinthians after a dispute in the area. Breno Bidon took responsibility for the charge, but stopped at the goalkeeper. On the rebound, Corinthians’ number 10 scored to put Timão back in front of the scoreboard.

Second time

The first chance of the final stage came from the feet of Arthur Sousa. IN a move in which the center forward moved out of the area, the number 9 carried the ball and shot hard at the goal. The finish ended up being a little high, but it was a dangerous opportunity created by Timãozinho in the fourth minute.

Unlike the first half, the second half was more rhythmic and didn’t have as much offensive brilliance. Needing the result, Corinthians launched an attack in search of more goals, while Fluminense stood up well in defense, leaving few spaces.

After coach Danilo was replaced in the team, Corinthians arrived with a lot of danger in attack. With the speed of Matheus Patolino on the right, the winger found Ryan further back, who dominated and shot with great danger, having the shot saved by the Rio goalkeeper.

With the game lukewarm, Timãozinho was unable to impose its style of play and stopped at the blockade set up by Fluminense in the defensive midfield. The visiting team did little to attack, but fulfilled its role of maintaining the aggregate score, adding to the first game.

Around the 25th minute, Corinthians exchanged passes and looked for the best angle to cross, as they now had two reference men in attack. However, despite their efforts, the black and white team was unable to place the ball close to the opponent’s goal.

In a very fast counterattack set up by Arthur for Fluminense, the number 10 got rid of Renato’s marking and crossed low to whoever arrived. The shot found goalkeeper Kauê’s counterfoot, who just hoped the ball would go out.

Timãozinho would score another goal, this time with Matheus Henrique. Timão’s number 22 dominated inside the area and shot, counting on a deflection by the Fluminense defender to kill the goalkeeper and scoring the black and white club’s third in the match.

In the final minutes of the match, Corinthians threw themselves into the attack, looking for a miraculous goal to stay alive in the competition. Despite the enormous pressure, Fluminense’s defensive organization prevailed in the final stretch of the match.

On a firm shot by Leo Agostinho, goalkeeper Alvaro made a great save, rebounding into Corinthians’ attacking area. Matheus Henrique was unable to take advantage of the surplus to score another goal in the match.

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