Cord cutting took top pay TV providers for 1.2M subs in Q2

The largest pay-TV providers in the United States – representing about 95% of the market – lost approximately 1,230,000 net video subscribers during the second quarter.

The latest figures from the Leichtman Research Group put the total loss at about 275,000 fewer than the 1,505,000 subscribers lost in the same quarter of 2020. Bruce Leichtman, president and chief analyst of LRG, said that over the past year, top-paying TV – providers a net loss of approximately 4,520,000 subscribers compared to a loss of approximately 5,460,000 in the previous year.

The best cable providers combined a net loss of approximately 590,000 video subscribers during the second quarter, compared to a loss of approximately 505,000 a year ago. Comcast accounted for nearly 400,000 of the total amount, while Charter and Cox together lost 110,000 subscribers.

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Other traditional pay-TV services – including satellite and telecom operators – lost a net 700,000 subscribers during the quarter against a loss of approximately 1,045,000 subscribers a year ago. Once again, it was AT & T’s premium TV segment – which includes DirecTV, U-verse and AT&T TV – that led with 473,000 subscribers lost, but it was better than the 887,000 video subscribers AT&T lost a year ago.

Leichtman also highlighted the top publicly-reported virtual MVPDs – Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV and fuboTV – which the group said added about 55,000 subscribers in the second quarter from 45,000 a year ago.

In total, the best pay-TV providers now account for around 77.6 million subscribers: The seven top cable companies have 42.6 million video subscribers, other traditional pay-TV services have around 28.2 million subscribers, and the top public reporters vMVPDs have about 6.8 million subscribers.

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