Consumer advocates file a class action lawsuit against Vodafone

The company justified the increase with higher costs and referred to price adjustments by other German companies. Vodafone emphasizes that it has adhered to applicable law.

Vodafone as a “price increase pioneer” in the sights of consumer advocates

“The VZBV considers Vodafone’s price increases to be ineffective,” says association boss Ramona Pop. The Class action lawsuit make it easy for consumers to defend themselves against the increase. After the announcement of the proposed lawsuit, more than 10,000 people reported to the VZBV.

Other telecommunications providers also increased their prices, such as 1&1. The VZBV explained that it could not take legal action against all companies at the same time, but instead wanted to put Vodafone in its place as the “pioneer of price increases”.

Possible Signaling effect of the procedure

The proceedings against Vodafone are seen as having a signaling effect. It’s only about five euros per month, which every customer could get back. Depending on how many customers take part, it could be financially painful for Vodafone if it loses in court.

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