Condolences of the artist Othman Muhammad Ali at the Police Mosque today

Today, Tuesday, artist Salwa Othman receives the condolences of her artist father Othman Muhammad Ali After the Maghrib prayer at the Police Mosque in Sheikh Zayed.

Yesterday, a number of artists were keen to participate in the funeral of the late artist Othman Muhammad Ali at the Police Mosque and console his daughter, the artist Salwa Othman, led by the artist Ihab Fahmy, Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar, and Ayman Azab.

The day before yesterday, the artist Othman Muhammad Ali, the father of the artist Salwa Othman, died after suffering a health crisis, as Ihab Fahmy said, in a special statement to “The Seventh Day”: “The artist Othman Muhammad Ali has died.”

The Syndicate of Acting Professions mourned the distinguished artist Othman Muhammad Ali, who passed away this evening, Sunday, and the Syndicate of Acting Professions, headed by Dr. Ashraf Zaki, extends its sincere condolences to the family of the deceased, and to his daughter, the artist Salwa Othman. We pray to the Almighty God that the deceased be showered with His vast mercy, and that his family be given patience and solace. And unto God and to Him we shall return.

The artist Othman Muhammad Ali is one of the sons of the generation of great art giants. He entertained us with many works, including: “The Family of Hajj Metwally,” “Al-Attar and the Seven Daughters,” “I Will Not Live in My Father’s Robe,” “Al-Hassan Al-Basri,” “The Straying Light,” and “Judgement in Islam,” “Abu Hanifa Al-Numan,” “The Heroic Knights.” “The Age of the Imams, There is No God but God, and hundreds of other religious and historical works.”

The artist Othman Muhammad Ali discovered many top stars and gave them the first push on the path to art and stardom, including the princess of cinema, Madiha Kamel, whom he encouraged since she was a middle school student, as he was part of the jury that awarded her the first prize in acting at the school level.

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