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Although the most powerful offers will not arrive until next Friday, November 24, this year many brands have anticipated the Black Friday 2023 with discounts higher than we would have imagined. It is the case of Cocunat, one of my latest beauty discoveries; and he has pleasantly surprised me.

Surely you have heard of it, since it is Spanish brand has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

And since I know that you also like to enjoy the best care from home, I have got an exclusive promo for you: Besides of discount up to 50% with Black Friday motif, For purchases over 69 euros you will get your gift fotoprotector Natural Shield con color.

One of their top-selling products that will help you look good every morning while protecting your face from the sun (I know you’re tired of reading it, but it’s essential to delay aging).

But what are you going to buy to take advantage of the offer? If you take a look at their website you will see that they have products of all kinds, from facial treatments to makeup, body or hair care products. So since it is easy for you to get lost, here I leave you a selection with the most recommended and best rated.

The best Cocunat offers on Black Friday 2023

The best anti-aging cream

The best anti-aging cream

We start the selection with one of its star products: The Absolute anti-aging cream, which stands out for its exclusive algae-based technology which manages to prolong the longevity of cells to delay aging.

And if to this we add the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (so it penetrates better)its 12 components anti-aging actives like plant Botox and a good dose of nutrients, vitamins and mineralsthe result is a product that blocks free radical damage, fills wrinkles and tightens skin.

In addition, it spreads a lot, is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, and is not greasy.

Buy in Cocunat for (65,65) 45,96€

Retinol for sensitive skin

Retinol for sensitive skin

If you have tried to start using retinol but have had problems due to the sensitivity of your skin, this Cocunat serum has arrived to save you.

This is another of the brand’s star products, and it doesn’t surprise me, since achieves very powerful anti-aging results with natural active ingredients that do not irritate or damage sensitive skin. All thanks to the combination of 21 natural oils and BAKUCHIOL, an active ingredient known in cosmetics as retinol vegetal.

But what exactly does it do on the skin?

The nourishes in depth, redensifies and fills even the most marked wrinkles, firms, reduces spots and enhances luminosity. In short, the all-in-one anti-aging that all of us need.

Buy in Cocunat for (55,65) 38,96€

The vitamin C treatment that sweeps

The vitamin C treatment that sweeps

If you were looking for a vitamin C treatment, you have just found the jewel in the crown. And it is that, The Real C de Cocunat combines vitamin C in a concentration of 20% with vitamin E, which enhances its antioxidant action y considerably increases collagen production.

But also, it is presented in a format of single dose capsules without oxygen that allow preserve the effectiveness of your assets much better. Not to mention the comfortable that result from applying, since you will not have to calculate quantities and you can take them on trips depending on the days you are going to be away, so they will hardly take up any space in your toiletry bag.

Their efects?

A smoother, smoother face with a more uniform tonegiven that considerably reduces facial blemishes.

Buy in Cocunat for (81,65) 57,16€

A super hydrating body oil

A super hydrating body oil

We focus so much on taking care of our face from the effects of the passage of time that we often forget that the skin of the body also needs pampering. And that is precisely why I have included this body oil.

It is a cosmetic created with a combination of three oils: argan, rosehip and almond. A combo super nutritious which also promotes skin regeneration to reduce scars and stretch marks and improve firmness.

All this with 99% natural ingredients and a Super pleasant texture that is not greasy.

Buy in Cocunat for (47,65) 33,36€

A shot of vitamins for hair

A shot of vitamins for hair

If you notice your hair is weakened, more damaged than normal or you notice that it is falling out with greater abundance, you may need to review your diet, since You may not be getting all the vitamins and nutrients you need.

But, while you adjust your diet to make it healthier and more balanced, it will be good for you to have the extra help of a vitamin complex. As Happy Hair, de Cocunatcontaining everything your hair needs to regain its strength, beauty and vitality.

In its formulation they highlight the biotinhe zinche folic acid and las vitamins A, B, C and E, key all of them in the correct development of hair. Furthermore, also They stimulate its growth, prevent hair loss and make it look brighter and more beautiful.

Of course, you must take them during a minimum of 3 months to notice results, which you may prefer to get the pack of 3 units on offer.

Buy in Cocunat for (31,65) 22,16€

A strengthening shampoo for damaged hair

A strengthening shampoo for damaged hair

If you notice your hair is dry or damaged, or simply you usually subject it to coloring treatments and you want to protect the fiber, this shampoo will help you strengthen the hair to preserve its shine and vitality.

It is formulated with 99% natural ingredients and does not contain sulfates, its great allies being coconut extract, pomegranate extract and rice amino acids.

A combo rich in vitamins and proteins that repairs, strengthens and protects the fiber smoothing cuticles for a shinier, frizz-free look. But also reduces breakage and removes traces of other cosmetics to conserve volume.

And if you have curly hair, you’ll be happy to know that It is suitable for the curly method.

Buy in Cocunat for (19,65) 15,72€

A more intense repair treatment

A more intense repair treatment

Although, If your hair is really damaged, you will need a more intensive treatment that, in addition to protecting and strengthening it, repairs it from the inside. I have suffered this process and finding a quality product that really achieves its objective is essential to not despair. That’s why I liked this Cocunat treatment so much.

Under the name of Knowuses an innovative system of Encapsulated vegan microbeads that detect the areas of the fiber that are most damaged and adhere to them to release the active ingredients, in such a way that they achieve a greater effect.

Is about a two-phase treatment composed of two products: FIXERthe first step that you should apply after shampooing from roots to ends and leave it to act for 20 minutes, y SMOOTHER, the second step, which you should apply only from the middle to the ends and leave it to act for another 20 minutes.

But what exactly do they do? They repair hair and restore its hydration so that it recovers its shiny appearance, volume and movement.. But in addition, they also reduce frizz. In short, the all-in-one that your hair needs to regain its strength and beauty.

Buy in Cocunat for (46,65) 32,66€

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