Clean Up After Your Pooch & Save The Planet At The Same Time

Clean Up After Your Pooch & Save The Planet At The Same Time

The recent talk show in Glasgow has made it clear that the world is rapidly entering the feces and we are all asking what we can do about it. SECOS offers one solution, compostable dog waste bags. Okay, you will not save the planet by using these, but you will Help The planet.

“SECOS sees its mission to replace disposable plastics with compostable alternatives. Of the 80 million tonnes of plastic produced each year for flexible disposable packaging, 20 million tonnes of plastic are used to create between 0.5 and 1 trillion disposable plastic bags each year,” writes SECOS “On average, each bag is used for 12 minutes. Compostable alternatives made with Cardia’s patented formulas and annual renewable resources make sense as they reduce the environmental pollution caused by the proliferation of plastic bags, which can take decades to decompose. And Cardia’s bioplastic solutions are very more environmentally friendly than paper. It would take 150 million trees each year to produce paper bag alternatives as well as a 6x higher energy consumption to produce paper bags. “

SECOS is an Australian company, but the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ Veteran Canteen Services (“VCS”) has selected SECOS to supply its MyEcoPet compostable garbage bags to 97 stores across the United States.

With over 90 million dogs in the United States alone, the demand for compostable pet garbage bags is expected to be strong.

The launch of SECOS ‘pet waste bags under its own brand, MyEcoPet, in the US market follows the recent success of supplying Woolworths in Australia with their MyEcoBag product range. SECOS is also in discussions with other major US distributors and retail chains.

The US launch will be supported by social media, trade shows and other marketing efforts. They just need a celebrity dog ​​endorsement.

SECOS has manufactured and delivered for sale over 50 million dog waste bags in the United States to date.

SECOS plans to follow its MyEcoPet launch in the US by offering other compostable products to major US distributors and retail chains.

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