Cisco Intersight Gets a New Look

This blog is a collaboration co-authored by Julie Fouque, Product Marketing Manager & Jeff New, Product manager.

New user interface signals milestone for Hybrid Cloud Operations Platform

Cisco Intersight, Cisco’s hybrid cloud operations platform, passed a major milestone with the recent release of its new user interface (UI). The user interface introduces Cisco’s new branding for its Cloud Networking and Computing software portfolio, brings Nexus Cloud (Cisco’s cloud-managed network platform) into the Intersight platform, and improves readability and task discovery.

Consistent user experience

“One of our priorities for the software-as-a-service offerings in Cisco’s networking and computing portfolio is to provide a consistent and familiar user experience regardless of which product someone is using,” said Jeff New, Cisco Intersight Product Manager. Intersight is the first platform to introduce Cisco’s common user interface, which will be rolled out across its data center, networking and security solutions to provide customers with a more consistent experience.

Cloud Networking, the latest Intersight Platform Service

Intersight’s new user interface also introduces cloud-managed networking as the platform’s newest IT operations service. This signals the next step in the platform’s vision to simplify IT operations through a cloud operating model that extends the principles of the cloud to the entire cloud/network IT stack. Nexus Cloud will debut as a service at Cisco Intersight following their current technical preview.

IT operational functions in Intersight
Intersight users can select the IT operations functions to perform using the multi-service selector

To easily access Intersight’s services, the new user interface introduces a multi-service selector. From the selector, users can choose:

  • Infrastructure service – visualize, control and automate Cisco UCS, HyperFlex and third-party computing devices
  • Cloud Orchestrator -automate workflows with a drag-and-drop designer to accelerate the delivery of apps and infrastructure
  • Workload Optimizer – ensure that applications get resources when and where they are needed, at the lowest cost
  • Nexus Cloud – deploy, manage and operate your Cisco Nexus networks from the cloud
  • My Dashboard – personalize a multi-service dashboard using widgets for features across the services of the Intersight platform
  • System – Claim devices, licenses, manage identity access, and other account settings

Intersight users will have access to the features they have licensed and their corresponding permissions. When users are in a particular service, they will find the features in a familiar way.

Command Palette – Quickly access actions and information

Intersight is a comprehensive solution for hybrid cloud operations with a robust feature set. Intersight users have been asking for a faster way to find specific objects in their environments and the actions they want to perform.

To do this, we have introduced the command palette. Based on a simple search approach, users can enter what they want to do and select from the search results. (“Command K” for Mac users and “Control K” for PC users.) The command palette shows suggestions based on your current context and items you’ve used recently.

Users who participated in the technical preview of the new UI report are happy with the shortcut for specific tasks they want to perform. This lets them start operations and start working with fewer clicks.

Cisco Intersight users can quickly find actions using the command palette.

Screen Degree of hybrid cloud management tool
Users can quickly find actions using the command palette

The new user interface also improves readability. The classic Intersight UI presented information in a dense, text-heavy manner on a single screen. In the new user interface, users will find that readability is improved with more relevant information on individual screens and more space, allowing users to focus on what is most important.

One user interface, multiple benefits

“The new user interface is more than an improved look and feel,” New said. “The release of the new user interface marks the next significant milestone in our vision to deliver a flexible hybrid cloud operations platform that helps customers simplify IT operations. Cloud networking joins the suite of Intersight services, with more to come. And through the common user interface, we’re lowering the learning curve for Cisco software customers, making it easier to get started.”

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