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When you create performances that really surprise and delight your players when they come through a game, you can help evoke a sense of accomplishment or even make the player laugh. Most of us have experienced playing games where we have unlocked some kind of achievement or trophy that evokes some of these emotions. This is exactly what we want you to consider when creating Game Center achievements for your apps or games – and now we challenge you to show the developer community your best, funniest, strangest and most wonderful achievements.

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This challenge focuses on creating an achievement that gives someone just a hint of sending them on their way. This means that how you present the locked version of your performance is crucial. Focus on making sure you give just one tip so that the player does not get frustrated. And of course, you have to make the player feel like it was worth it with the unlocked version once they figure out how to reach it!

We welcome all achievements, new, old, existing or imaginary: Show locked and unlocked versions of your “teaser” from one of your existing apps or games, or start your wordsmithing and create a whole new achievement. And share it with the developer community on developer forums.

Best of all, we’ve made it easy for you to participate and dream of great achievements, even if you have not yet implemented Game Center, or you want to try something completely new: Download the attached Game Center Achievement Template.

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Best practice for great performance

It’s a lot of fun to create unique and engaging achievements to connect people with your app or game. Below are a few of our recommendations when thinking about writing and designing results.

Be creative with a performance title, but straightforward with the description
While most people appreciate entertaining titles, they expect a performance description to indicate how to earn it. For example, if you Should you create a WWDC21 performance, you can type the following:

Title: Code Completionist
Description: Watched every WWDC21 Code-Along session.

Be concise
The Game Center Achievement Card limits your title and description to two lines each before shortening the text – brevity is the key to great achievement.

Think inclusive
Follow the human interface guidelines regarding inclusivityy when creating performance. The best jokes, puns, and puns are the ones that are intuitive and friendly to anyone who can interact with your app or game, and that make players feel recognized and rewarded.

Add unique, high-quality images
People appreciate earning unique achievements that remind them of each achievement. When you create custom illustrations, you can help this achievement stand out from the others in your app or game and make it more recognizable to people who interact with it.

You can learn more about how to design great performance in Apple’s guidelines for human interfaces and in the WWDC20 “Design for Game Center” session.

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