Chacarita tied and was left out of the final due to promotion: Independiente Rivadavia will play it

The First National You already know the first finalist for the first promotion. This is Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza, which is waiting for its rival. It will be the winner of zone A, whose last date will be played this Monday. Besides, We tell you who entered the Reduced and who must play to avoid relegation.

ZONE A (this Monday at 3:30 p.m.)

Agropecuario and Almirante Brown remained at the top of the table after their respective draws on date 37: Carlos Casares’s team tied 0-0 at home with Gimnasia de Mendoza while Isidro Casanova’s team also tied 0-0 but away with San Martín de Tucumán. So, Both have 58 points but Agropecuario has the advantage due to better goal difference (+10 vs. +4). On the last date, Sojero will face Patronato in Paraná and Almirante will receive Temperley in Casanova. If both win, the first will obtain the right to play in the grand final as long as he maintains that advantage in goal difference.

Santo Tucumán, which is third with 56 points, also has a chance. They must beat Defensores de Belgrano on the last date, as a visitor, and hope that the leaders lose their respective matches. If both tied and San Martín won, there would be a triple tie and there the Tucumán team has a better goal difference (+15).

Fourth and with a small hope of being a finalist appears Estudiantes de Río Cuarto, with 55 points. It needs a miracle: first, beat Nueva Chicago at home and then Agropecuario and Almirante lose and San Martín does not win. If all that happened, it would still depend on the goal difference and today they are below the two leaders (sum +3).

The first will go to the grand final (neutral ground with a single match) for direct promotion to First Division against Independent Rivadavia. And the other seven (from 2nd to 8th place) will enter a Reduced to fight for the second promotion.

Clarification of the first final: 90 minutes will be played, an extension (30 minutes if necessary) and penalties.

Today in Reduced: Almirante Brown, San Martín de Tucumán, Estudiantes de Río Cuarto, Temperley, Morón, San Martín de San Juan and Defensores de Belgrano. But, waiting and with chances, there are Gimnasia y Esgrima de Mendoza, Atlético Güemes and Chicago.

Regarding descents, the last (today Flandria with 33) will go directly and the second to last (today San Telmo with 34, below Almagro, with 37) He will have to play a final with Tristán Suárez, second to last in B.

The last date (Monday at 3:30 p.m.)

The games and schedules of the zones.The games and schedules of the zones.

Date 38 and the main referees: Defenders of Belgrano-San Martín de Tucumán (H. Mastrángelo), A. Brown-Temperley (D. Ceballos), Patronato-Agropecuario (S. Zunino), D. Morón-San Telmo (P. Giménez), Estudiantes de Río Room-N. Chicago (S. Trucco), Güemes-Almagro (F. Llobet), Gimnasia Mendoza, G. Brown (E. Ejarque), Alvarado-D. Unidos (B. Ferreyra) and Flandria-San Martín SJ (F. Acita). Free: All Boys.


In an exciting definition, Independiente Rivadavia beat Deportivo Maipú 1-0 as a visitor and, after Chacarita’s tie (they were leaders, 1-1 vs. A. de Rafaela), Lepra was in first place in the area with 68 points, one more than Funebrero, which had been the leader in the last seven dates of the tournament. Thus, the Mendoza team will go to the first grand final. It will be on neutral ground (one match, with overtime and penalties if necessary).

Results and final table

The table and the results of zone B.The table and the results of zone B.
The table and the results of zone B.The table and the results of zone B.

Who got into the Reduced? Those ranked from second to eighth place: Chacarita, Maipú, Quilmes, Rafaela, Mitre, Riestra and Ferro.

Meanwhile, Tristán Suárez will have to play with the second-to-last team from the other zone (today San Telmo) to define the third relegated team. Villa Dálmine was already relegated from this group B.


In the first instance the zones will be crossed: the second from A will go against the eighth from B, the third from A against the seventh from B and so on. The best positioned team will be the home team and a single match will be played. In the event of a tie, the best placed in their area will advance. In the case of the two fifths (which will face each other in said instance), there will be taken into account the average points, goal difference, goals scored and, if necessary, draw.

Then, The seven winners will be joined by the loser of the grand final for the first promotion. A new general table will be created to order them from 1 to 8. The first will be the loser of the first final, who will play against the eighth in this assembled table (average points, goal difference, goals scored). The second will go with the seventh, the third with the sixth and the fourth with the fifth. In this instance there will be two matches and the venue for the second match will be the best located. In the event of a tie in 180 minutes, the best positioned on the general list previously prepared will pass.

The semis will also be a round-trip match, with a tiebreaker (if there is equality on aggregate) by the positioning table. And the final will be a single match, on neutral ground and with extra time or penalties if necessary.

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