Cessna Vs. Tesla Model S Plaid (Video)

I stumbled upon a funny video while lurking on the Tesla sub-Reddit today. The video is of a Cessna plane flying towards a Tesla Model S Plaid. From the camera’s vantage point, it looked like Plaid was faster than the plain. There’s even a slow motion part of the video where Plaid moves faster than Cessna.

Cessna VS Tesla Plaid from tesla engines

The video clip did not show the entire course (unless the clip was the entire race), so we can not say for sure, but I assume Plaid won that race. The comments included discussions ranging from pilots sharing their experiences flying a Cessna, to someone betting that Plaid would give an F-16 a run for its money at 100 mph. The latter I would love to see happen in person, but note that the F-16’s top speed is 1,375 km / h (2,175 km / h). Nevertheless Tesla Model S Plaid vs Blue Angels? I would pay to see it.

In June, I was invited to attend the Tesla Plaid event, where new owners took deliveries of their Tesla Model S Plaids. I got to experience riding in one and that was it intense (and fun).

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