How DeepMind Is Reinventing the Robot

Artificial intelligence has reached deep into our lives, though you might be hard pressed to point to obvious examples of it. Among countless other behind-the-scenes chores, neural networks power our virtual assistants, make online shopping recommendations, recognize people in our snapshots, scrutinize our banking transactions for evidence of fraud, transcribe our voice messages, and weed … Read more

Oregon Is Burning Trees in Order to Save Them

“It’s the most drastic prescription we have,” says Sarah Navarro, a sudden oak death pathologist for Forest Service in Oregon. But she says these are “the necessary steps we need to take in Oregon to reduce the risk of disease spread.” Phytophthora ramorum was probably introduced to American forests around 1995, when a large number … Read more

7 Ways to Protect Employee Privacy at Work

Employers are responsible for protecting the privacy of their employees, whether it is related to their personal information or the use of online networks for work purposes. Usually, employers ‘biggest concern is knowing how to protect employees’ privacy in the workplace. It is impossible to ensure the privacy of employees completely, especially when using the … Read more

Pulling methane out of the atmosphere could slow global warming—if we can figure out how to do it

“There’s probably nothing we could do that has a greater effect on shaving maximum temperatures over the next few decades than removing methane,” said Rob Jackson, a Stanford researcher and co-author of both studies. Methane is relatively scarce: carbon dioxide is about 200 times more concentrated in the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it has contributed about 30% … Read more

Rock Solid Performance, Painful Price Tag

HP’s ZBook lineup — which encompasses the lightweight ZBook Firefly, the affordable ZBook Power, the powerful ZBook Fury, and the best-of-all-worlds ZBook Studio brands — doesn’t attract a lot of attention. As a mobile workstation-class device, the ZBook Studio is not as flashy as most gaming laptops or as affordable as most “creator” laptops, but … Read more

Syndio, which provides workplace analytics software for companies to resolve pay equity issues, raises $50M Series C co-led by Emerson Collective and Bessemer (Kurt Schlosser/GeekWire)

Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire: Syndio, which provides workplace analytics software for companies to solve payroll issues, raises $ 50M Series C with Emerson Collective and Bessemer-In its quest to help companies treat all employees fairly, Seattle-based Syndio has raised $ 50 million in new funding, the startup announced Monday.

Owning Digital Art – O’Reilly

It would be difficult to miss the turmoil surrounding non-spongy tokens (NFTs). Non-spongy tokens are initially purchased digital items found on a blockchain. At this time, NFTs exist on the Ethereum blockchain, but there is no reason why they could not be implemented on others; it seems reasonably likely that specialized blockchains will be built … Read more

How Simulating for PCB Manufacturing Drives Profitability

Smartly connected devices are everywhere, at home, in transportation and at work. This means that electronic system design (ESD) has a greater impact on almost all types of products that require new simulation tools to help achieve the goals of electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal and connectivity. New development opportunities for printed circuit boards also entail … Read more