New protections for Enhanced Safe Browsing users in Chrome

Posted by Badr Salmi, Google Safe Browsing & Varun Khaneja, Chrome Security In 2020, we launched Enhanced Safe Browsing, which you can enable in your Chrome security settings with the aim of significantly increasing Internet security. These enhancements are built on top of existing security mechanisms that already protect billions of devices. Since its initial … Read more

CISA Issues Warning On Cyber Threats Targeting Water and Wastewater Systems

The U.S. Cyber ​​Security Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) on Thursday warned of continued ransomware attacks aimed at disrupting water and wastewater facilities (WWS) and highlighted five incidents that occurred between March 2019 and August 2021. “This activity – which involves attempts to compromise system integrity through unauthorized access – threatens the ability of WWS … Read more

How Attackers Hack Humans

One of your employees sits quietly on the porch for a summer rental on Memorial Day weekend when they annoyingly know bloop of a text message interrupts the silence. “So sorry to disturb your well-deserved weekend, but we just became aware of an issue that could significantly delay the processing of your salary,” reads the … Read more

What is a cyberattack surface and how can you reduce it?

Find the best ways to mitigate your organization’s attack surface to maximize cyber security. In almost all coverages of modern violations you hear mention of the “cyber attack surface” or something similar. It is central to understanding how attacks work and where organizations are most vulnerable. During the pandemic, the surface of attack has undoubtedly … Read more

Machine Learning and React Native

Unless you have lived under a rock, there is no way you have not heard of at least artificial intelligence. This, of course, is due to the powerful tool it has proven to be over the last decade. This popularity thus led to the emergence of machine learning as well as deep learning. Now they … Read more

Less Absolute Positioning With Modern CSS

Every time I work on a component that needs absolute positioning, I ask myself: is it really necessary? I started noticing a few use cases where I used it position: absolute is not necessary. I found this interesting and I was thinking of documenting the use-cases that I usually came across while working on front-end … Read more

How to Learn PHP

Web development is multifaceted. A properly functioning website requires that things work with proper coordination on both the front-end (web browser) and back-end (server). Creating an interactive front-end feature requires you to learn JavaScript. Similarly, back-end work requires you to learn a language like PHP or JavaScript. I have already written a post that gives … Read more