Casetify ‘Toy Story’ iPhone 13 case review: Your favorite Pixar characters complement your phone

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Casetify’s new “Toy Story” collection is full of nostalgia for Pixar fans with cases, watch straps, batteries and more. We took a look at a few of the new cover designs for the iPhone 13 Pro.

The new collection, launching Tuesday, features tons of images and characters from Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story” franchise. You’ve got Lot-so’-Huggin’ Bear, Forky, Buzz, Woody, Jesse, the adorable Pizza Planet creatures and so many more.

There are also film references such as the white skull on a field of black that compliments Sid’s t-shirt. And then there is also Pixar’s Luxo ball with the red star.

The Toy Story Collection

The Toy Story Collection

While we’ve selected a few cases to try, there are designs for every category of Casetify’s products. There are Apple Watch bands, AirTag covers, magnetic Qi chargers that work with MagSafe, and cases for AirPods.

Cases for your iPhone

Our three cases had slightly different styles, but were all for the iPhone 13 Pro. You can also find them in many other sizes if you have another iPhone.

Jessie and Bullseye

Jessie and Bullseye

The first case had a back cover featuring Jessie and her lasso. Yee-haw is spellbound in that lasso, while Bullseye stands up next to her.

This case adds extra durability to most cases thanks to the reinforced corners. You can see the extra bumpers that help strengthen protection during a tumble.

Re Castify recycling box

Re-Casetify recycling case

It noted on the page that this specific case uses recycled materials. This is part of the Re/Casetify series and 65 percent of the case is recycled material, which we also appreciate seeing. However, we would also have been biodegradable.

The other downside to this case is that it doesn’t support MagSafe. The same applies to the cowboy Woody case. The Woody cover is clear so you can see your phone, but does not support Apple’s MagSafe technology.

Toy Story Woody case

Toy Story Woody case

Fortunately, our favorite case of the lot supported MagSafe. This case is finished with a blue tint to match the walls in Andy’s bedroom. Skyer is printed on the outside of the case, but you can still see the Apple logo and MagSafe ring underneath.

The edges of this case also highlight the integrated shock absorber. It doesn’t have bulbous corners, but you can see light blue strips of impact resistant material around all the sides.

No matter which iPhone color you have – Space Grey, Silver, Sierra Blue, your phone will get the blue shade. The Toy Story logo is printed on the bottom. This case feels iconic but subtle without a full character across the back.

Toy Story clouds case

Toy Story clouds case

Should you shop Casetify’s “Toy Story” iPhone case lineup?

Casetify has a cult-like following for a reason. They’ve got exclusive licensing deals with some of the biggest brands out there, many under the Disney umbrella. We recently took a look at the “Star Wars” collection they released.

The same goes for the “Toy Story” collection. We love the nostalgic vibes, fun colors and fun characters that remind us of growing up in the 90s when Toy Story was just starting.

We’d prefer that all cases supported MagSafe universally, but it looks like Casetify has been working to bring more support for MagSafe across its product lines.

If you’re a fan of “Toy Story,” Casetify has plenty of accessories to choose from, including these fun and protective cases.


  • High quality Casetify gear
  • Tons of characters and designs for different devices
  • MagSafe support in certain cases
  • Nostalgic and fun
  • Apple Watch bands complement the “Toy Story” watch face


  • Not all cases support MagSafe
  • Only a few characters get their own case design

Rating: 4 out of 5

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