Carlotto’s Estela in Córdoba: “There is an abysmal difference between Massa and Milei”

The head of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo held a meeting with Governor Juan Schiaretti, and participated in a panel at the Faculty of Law for the 40 years of democracy.

This Monday, November 13, Estela de Carlotto -holder of Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo- visited our city invited by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Córdoba. He participated in a tribute to the former head of Abuelas Córdoba, Sonia Torres, who recently passed away.

In addition, he was part of a conversation about the 40 years of democracy in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law of the National University of Córdoba (UNC).

There – without mentioning Sergio Massa or Javier Milei – he made an energetic call to take care of democracy, to vote with memory, to denounce what is wrong and not to remain silent. However, the public named the Unión por la Patria candidate on numerous occasions: there were songs and harangues in favor of Massa.

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In addition to Estela de Carlotto, the Secretary of Human Rights of the Province, Calixto Angulo, and Jorge Sapia, historical leader of radicalism and former head of the National Convention of the UCR, participated in the panel.

In dialogue with La Voz, Carlotto stated that “There is an abysmal difference” between Sergio Massa and Javier Milei, making clear their support for Peronism and emphasizing that the libertarian’s proposals are dangerous. However, he added: “Whoever wins, we must respect the results, we must respect them even when we do not agree and even if we suspect that there is cheating, because that is eventually discovered.”

“Massa is a prepared politician, he speaks with knowledge of the State, I believe he will try to do things well and it will always be the people who will decide if he succeeds. The other is a totally wrong man, who wants to transform Argentina into another country, into something that it is not, and that will not be possible. That man’s name is Milei,” he highlighted.

During the presentation at the Law School, he argued that former president Mauricio Macri should be imprisoned for the mismanagement of the 45 billion dollars of credit from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). He also confirmed that the denialist proposals of Victoria Villarruel (candidate for vice president for La Libertad Avanza) do not even deserve to be discussed.

“What we experienced during the dictatorship cannot be repeated. 1976 was the last coup d’état in Argentina: it was the last coup. We must toast this democracy, it is the longest period of democracy in Argentine history.”

In addition to the above, he stated: “We are at a time when the world is altered and so is the country. Argentina cannot recover, We are very far from that country that the 30 thousand dreamed of. disappeared, there is a lot missing, there were many bad governments”.

On Monday morning, Estela de Carlotto visited Governor Juan Schiaretti at the Civic Center, with whom she spoke for a long time. “I have deep affection for Schiaretti, for his story and for the support that he always gave to Abuelas Córdoba.”

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