Car Mechanic Simulator VR Now Available For Quest 2

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Another surprise launch is here just before the weekend – Car Mechanic Simulator VR is now available for Quest 2.

Car Mechanic Simulator VR released last year for PC VR on Steam to mixed reviews as of this writing. Now the title has made it over to Quest 2 with early reviews also doing poorly due in part to complaints about the game’s low resolution. We installed the title on a Quest 2 and the resolution is indeed very low.

In response to a review of the Quest store, the developer wrote “We realize that the resolution is too low after the release ;( We will fix it!”

Here’s an excerpt taken from the store description that describes the developer’s intent:

Become a true master of the craft in this virtual reality simulation game. As a professional mechanic, your skills will be tested as you strive to meet the expectations of your customers. Immerse yourself in realistic gameplay as you prove your skills with the many available tools and car parts. Diagnose, repair, paint and restore highly detailed cars in your very own car shop.

There are 10 cars to play to modify and repair with over 10 tools, along with “hundreds” of parts and options. Car Mechanic Simulator is available now for Quest 2 for $19.99.

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