California to ban the sale of diesel-powered trucks by 2040

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposed banning the sale of commercial diesel trucks by 2040. The proposal comes just weeks after the state struggled with high temperatures that threatened to cause power outages across the state.

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California has consistently taken bold steps toward helping with climate change. However, some of its actions have also been scrutinized. Its latest proposal is expected to face opposition from trucking industry players and other interested parties.

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Although it is an established fact that transport is the biggest contributor to emissions in the state, there seems to be conflicting actions on the part of the government. On one end, the government is pushing for an end to gas-powered vehicles, while also asking residents to refrain from charging their cars to conserve power.

The proposal requires medium and heavy trucks to be zero-emission in 2035. In addition, state and local authority fleets must also be so by 2027.

“It would be the next important step in the acceleration toward a zero-emission transportation system as well as a more equitable future in California,” the proposal said.

Although the proposal is a step in the right direction, there are issues that the state must address to make it possible. Truck drivers have raised concerns about the inability to charge points and possibly enough power to run their vehicles. Electric car users were left with no options when they were told to stop charging their cars during the recent heatwave. The underlying problem now is the lack of sufficient energy, which the state must address as it transitions to clean energy for vehicles.

“It’s not going to work given how strained the supply chain is,” said Chris Shimoda, vice president of the California Trucking Assn. “We don’t have an answer to that question right now.”

In the meantime, all we have to do is watch and wait to see the decision that will be made after all deliberations.

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