Cable One preps network for DOCSIS 4.0 as it eyes 10G future

Cable One preps network for DOCSIS 4.0 as it eyes 10G future

Cable One is laying the groundwork for DOCSIS 4.0 and completing a series of network upgrades that it hopes will smooth out its eventual implementation of the technology and eventually its path to 10 Gbps.

The operator said it is currently working on updating its network return path to enable symmetric multi-gig service and regain spectrum used for traditional linear video services. It also upgrades its hybrid fiber coaxial system capacity to 1.8 GHz.

“Gig speed is only the beginning of the story,” said Julie Laulis, CEO of Cable One, in a statement. “We are implementing the necessary upgrades to our network to bring symmetrical speeds with more concerts to our private customers over the next few years and ensure that we remain well ahead of the consumer consumption curve.”

Cable One already offers gigabit speeds to private customers across 99% of its footprint. However, Laulis said the move to “10G will transform the customer experience and create new opportunities for smart cities, connected homes, virtual and augmented reality and business.”

The operator did not definitively state which of the two versions of DOCSIS 4.0 – full duplex (FDX) or frequency division duplex (FDD, also known as extended spectrum or ESD) it is pursuing. However, the changes it makes to the capacity of the plant appear to be in line with an FDD / ESD approach.

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Several other major carriers have begun completing their DOCSIS 4.0 plans in recent months.

Comcast, for example, recently said it picked up speed on DOCSIS 4.0 work and has gone into mid-split upgrades as a springboard to full duplex. Cox Communications, meanwhile, already has mid-split implementations in place and plans to move to a high-split configuration in the near future.

Elsewhere, Canadian operator Shaw Communications said it plans to switch to FDD / ESD DOCSIS 4.0 in 2030, with rollouts expected to begin in 2024.


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