Bundesliga: 1. FC Union Berlin and the fear in the face of the abyss

Caught in failure: 1. FC Union has reached bottom of the Bundesliga.

Caught in failure: 1. FC Union has reached bottom of the Bundesliga.

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Everything started innocently enough. But then last weekend I was for three seconds the 1. FC Union Berlin. But first things first.

My favorite punk rock place will forever be SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I heard the Dead Kennedys there in 1984 and have attended countless concerts since then. On Saturday I was able to go to the SO again myself. As part of the Slime Germ concert, which has been sold out for weeks, I read in the opening act “Enter at your own risk”a slime germ song comic that I published together with eight illustrators in the spring.

More than 800 people created a cozy atmosphere that catapulted me to row one shortly before the end of the concert. Forever punkat the tender age of 60 – it was the right decision, even though I suddenly found myself on the ground.

Ballhaus East

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Frank Willman looks at the football between Leipzig, Łódź and Ljubljana.

Pogo is not a cozy skirt. I fell in slow motion onto the wonderfully dirty ground and felt like I had been left behind Union Berlin in the Bundesliga and the Champions League. I was the mop and used my remaining hair to mop the broken glass floor. Yesterday on high horses, today shot through the chest. In the cool grave of SO36, beauty and form withered. I was Urs Fischer, Christopher Trimmel, Christian Arbeit and Frederik Rönnow. In a few seconds my life passed me by, a light shone from the distance, the red lantern of the Bundesliga.

As if by a miracle, my friend Jörg’s strong arm pulled me up. I was not crushed like a poor worm, although for a moment I felt the plague of death.

The 1. FC Union sank after the 0:4 under the Bayer cross a day later in last place in the Bundesliga. Slaughtered by merciless pill-pushers who put an end to the sad Union torso. Hey Union, nothing is lost, you have the international break ahead of you. There are still 23 match days left, relegation can be avoided, turn the wheel radically, let your Jörg pull you out of the mud, fight! There was no fight to be seen in Leverkusen, just pure desperation on the pitch and bench. Fear in the face of the abyss.

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It shows how quickly things can go even deeper Arminia Bielefeld, whose downward spiral points towards the regional league. Well, I’m with you there Carl Zeiss Jena been traveling for years. But that has nothing to do with good football and Bundesliga luck. Even though many older Unioners may long for the 2nd league, when it was nice and cozy at the Alte Försterei and no Goosens or Bonuccis disturbed the mediocre squadron.

Success makes you sexy, sometimes it makes you ugly. If the old braids no longer work, cut them off in good time. Bundesliga is a powerful show and big booty. This can go to the heads of good fans and officials alike. This doesn’t happen in lower leagues, where dumpling football and eternal pain reign. Peasant trampling in Meuselwitz, nasty humidity in Eilenburg, disgusting wind in Luckenwalde, miserable pop music near Altglienicke. You have to want to accept that. Whether the many new Unioners in the 60,000 fan base (the Köpenickers’ biggest fear is being gentrified by the Prenzlberg Swabians) and the well-stocked advertising partners are in the mood for Meuselwitz?

In the coming weeks we will be able to take part in an interesting Union experiment. Good luck, FCU! And don’t be too careful to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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