BTS’ V Talks About His Family; Reveals Close Relationship With Grandma, Dad’s Wise Words

BTS member V spoke candidly about his family on national television, revealing the family member he was closest to.

The 27-year-old South Korean artist recently appeared on the latest episode of tvN’s “You Quiz On The Block” on Wednesday, where he spoke about the experiences of his 10-year career as a K-Pop idol and his upcoming solo debut. . He also talked about his childhood, including how he was raised by his grandmother for about 16 years.

“Imagine, when I was little, I slept with my grandmother every night and hugged each other. I would sleep with a pen in my hand. With my eyes closed, I unfolded my imagination, thought, “This is a sword,” and fell asleep. So when she woke up, her face and mine were covered in pen marks. My grandma said ‘Aaee (oh no)’ and scolded me,’ he recalled according to one clamp uploaded by Twitter user @taeguide.

V – real name Kim Taehyung – also shared another moment when he was berated by his grandmother, revealing that he often drank all the bottles of a local energy drink that she often served to guests every day.

Sadly, the ‘Christmas Tree’ hitmaker’s grandmother fell ill and passed away while performing abroad. V held back tears and said he hoped his grandmother could “see with her own eyes” how much he’s grown and that he was now performing for many fans – known as ARMYs.

“I wanted to show her, ‘I’ve grown so big,’ but it wasn’t to be. I keep memories of my grandmother in a beautiful place, a beautiful place in my heart. So when I visit my grandmother’s cemetery, I take Bacchus with me. I talk to her while bowing to her [and] I pay her my respects: ‘Now my album is coming out. I’ll do my best to make it reach (high enough) where you are so you can listen,” he concluded.

In November 2016, V delivered a heartbreaking message to fans at BTS’ “3rd Muster” – a fan gathering at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea. There he revealed that his grandmother passed away on September 3 which is why he looked angry at the time as seen in a video shared by @strawbeariesv on TikTok.

The singer learned of the unfortunate news while on tour in the Philippines with his bandmates. Getting emotional, he also shared how his grandmother was “precious and like a parent to him,” apologizing for not telling her “I love you” sooner.

Elsewhere in “You Quiz On The Block,” V talk about his relationship with his siblings. He told hosts Jo Se-ho and Yoo Jae-suk that he has a sister and a brother, whom he would rarely contact. While they didn’t celebrate each other’s birthdays, they made sure to celebrate their parents’ birthdays.

The singer also shared how his dad did proudly complimented him after seeing him on television and a piece of advice the latter always said: ‘as a habit.’ The sentence read, “All that’s left is our family.”

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