British Home Secretary dismissed over her anti-Palestinian stances News


The British Prime Minister was dismissed Rishi Sonak Today, Monday, the controversial Minister of the Interior, Suella Braverman, according to what several media outlets reported.

The dismissal came as part of the adjustments Sunak is making to his team before the general elections expected next year. It included the appointment of James Cleverly as Home Secretary, succeeding Suella Braverman, and the appointment of former Prime Minister David Cameron as Foreign Secretary.

Sunak has come under increasing pressure to sack Braverman after her critics accused her of inflaming tensions during weeks of pro-Palestinian demonstrations and counter-protests in the UK.

A week ago, the dismissed minister wrote a controversial article in which she accused the police of bias.

And he said labor Party The opposition said that the article fueled tensions in a pro-Palestinian demonstration last Saturday.

This was followed by the arrest of more than 140 people after right-wing extremist demonstrators clashed with the police, who tried to distance them from 300,000 pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

Although Braverman’s removal from her position had seemed likely since her article was published last week, Sunak appears to have delayed making this change for several days in order to coincide with a broader, long-awaited reshuffle of his government.

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