Bride Explains Why She Enforced ‘Funeral’ Dress Code for Guests at Wedding

A bride has explained why she chose to entertain guests with her wedding dress in black.

Jordan Bussey’s wedding was the talking about TikTok after posting a video revealing that she and her husband, Luke, imposed a strict “all black” dress code at their wedding. However, both she and her husband wore white for the occasion, creating a striking contrast.

The 14-second clip with the results has already been viewed more than 12 million times. Despite the unusual nature of the request, Bussey was always confident that his friends and family would be willing to comply.

“Some guests were relieved because it took the pressure off of having to decide what to wear,” she said Newsweek. “I expected that not everyone would be happy with the dress code and received some criticism from the guests. But in the end everyone showed up in full support, all dressed in black.”

But while the initial reaction among guests was mixed, it was nothing compared to the response the video generated on social media.

That’s not necessarily surprising. While many traditions surrounding weddings have changed and evolved over the years, it seems that most Americans are averse to weddings. set dress code.

In a YouGovAmerica 2021 In a survey of 1,295 American adults, 59 percent of respondents said they disapproved of the bride and groom asking guests to wear a specific color. Only 19 percent of respondents supported the idea.

Many of those commenting TikTok were not impressed upon seeing the idea really took place at Bussey’s wedding. “Looks like they’re going to a funeral and not a wedding,” one viewer wrote

Another agreed: “I thought it was a funeral.” A third added: “Black clothes outside in the heat is crazy.”

Of course, not all reactions were negative. “One color and so many different styles. How cool,” one TikToker commented. Another wrote: “Love the way coordinated guest attire really simplifies the overall feel of the venue.”

Bussey acknowledged that the reaction to her wedding dress code has been “super polarizing,” but she wouldn’t have it any other way. “From the beginning of the planning process, I envisioned everyone wearing all black as I thought this would help create the elegant atmosphere I was going for and look great in photos,” she said.

But while she always wanted to have a dress code for herself, Bussey also felt the event would be extra special if her groom also dressed in white.

“I feel like sometimes the groomsmen can feel subordinate to all the excitement of a wedding day, so wearing him in a white tuxedo jacket would definitely make him stand out among the bridal party and guests,” she explained. “When we got to the altar, we looked at all our family and friends and saw everyone looked so happy and remembered how cool and uniformed it all looked.”

Although the debate continues in the comments section of her video, Bussey isn’t letting the negative comments get her down. “What one couple likes on their wedding day, another couple may not like and that’s OK,” she said.

“Social media is a great place to share ideas, tips, tricks and inspiration, but it can also be a breeding ground for mean comments that serve little purpose other than dim someone else’s light,” she continued.

“People wear black for many special occasions, such as galas, events, red carpets and yes, even weddings,” she said. “For anyone who says it felt like a funeral: they are welcome to give their opinion, and if they get married they don’t have to request specific guest attire!”

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