Bolsonaro congratulated Milei and joked about the Qualifiers match: “I’m almost going to support Argentina”

The former Brazilian president congratulated the Argentine president-elect

The former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro published the video call he had with the Argentine president-elect, Javier Mileya warm conversation in which Lula da Silva’s predecessor promised to travel to the change of command in December and joked about the match that the soccer teams of both countries will play this Tuesday.

After the greetings and congratulations, Bolsonaro expressed: “You have a very big job ahead of you. As I said in the message I sent you, the work goes beyond Argentina. You represent a lot to us Democrats who love freedom. You represent a lot for Brazil and you can be sure that Anything I can do for you, I will be at your disposal.”.

One of the Brazilian’s sons, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, also participated in the call, who was also very happy with the result.

“God is going to enlighten you, he is going to protect you, you are going to make a good government for the good of our countries,” Bolsonaro Sr. added.

In a very happy tone, he also took time for a football jokein the style of Mauricio Macri: “I’m almost rooting for Argentina this Tuesday against Brazil”. The teams will play at the Maracaná Stadium for the sixth round of the World Cup qualifiers.

The video call between Milei and the Bolsonaros
The video call between Milei and the Bolsonaros

In turn, Milei invited them to the change of command ceremony. “Jair and Eduardo, for me it would be a huge honor if you came for the inauguration, on December 10, it would be something beautiful”, he expressed.

Milei has promised to cut diplomatic relations with Brazil and limit commercial ties to the private sector, in rejection of the management of Lula da Silva, whom he calls a communist. Instead, she has shown great affinity with the Bolsonaros, who had expressed their support in the campaign.

“We will go, we will go,” they assured.

Eduardo Bolsonaro even announced that they would travel to Buenos Aires this week, and that They would coordinate the meetings with Karina Mileisister of the leader of La Libertad Avanza.

That’s perfect, Eduardo. That’s a half-court goal.”Milei responded.

On social networks, Bolsonaro had congratulated Milei and expressed his wish that “those good winds reach the United States and Brazil, so that honesty, progress and freedom return for everyone.”

Shortly before, Lula da SilvaBolsonaro’s toughest political adversary, wished “good luck and success” to the new Argentine Government, in a message on his social networks in which he recognized that “democracy is the voice of the people,” although he did not mention him by name. to the far-right Javier Milei, who won the elections in the neighboring country against the Peronist Sergio Massa.

“Argentina is a great country and deserves all our respect,” wrote Lula, who during the campaign was called “corrupt” by Milei, adding that “Brazil will always be available to work with our Argentine brothers.”

During the campaign, Lula maintained a cautious stance and, despite his close relationship with Massa and the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, with whom he aligns himself in the progressive camp, he refrained from making direct comments on the electoral process in the country. neighbor.

Even so, this same week he declared that Argentina “should have a president who likes democracy, who respects institutions, who likes Mercosur and South America, and who thinks about the construction of an important bloc” of countries. That statement was interpreted as undisguised support for Massa and at the same time a veiled criticism of Milei, who maintains a close relationship with the global extreme right, represented in Brazil by Bolsonaro, who publicly expressed his support for the libertarian candidate, “so that Argentina does not becomes another Venezuela.”

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