Bochi and Martínez, the most prominent in the Monumental

Instituto drew goalless this Monday against Barracas in a match that was played in Alta Córdoba for the 13th round of the League Cup.

Below, a review of the individual performances of the men of Glory.

Institute’s 1×1 against Barracas

ROFFO (6). Sure, it didn’t have any major complications. Another undefeated fence.

CERATO (7). A lot of effort to help with the pressure. When he could he went on the attack, teaming up with Graciani.

PARNISARI (6). He scratched as always and won for almost the entire night at the top. When she had to flip it she did it.

ALARCÓN (6). The firmness of always. She got along well with “the Viking” and won more than she lost.

L. RODRÍGUEZ (6). The goal was blocked by the post in the first half and the crossbar in the second after a great free kick.

GRACIANI (5). It wasn’t his night. Vague, she couldn’t quite finish what she hinted at in more than one case. She got tired in the second half.

BOCHI (7). Master and lord of the midfield. Key to recovery and always a spare wheel. He left applauded.

LODIC (5). It took him a few minutes to get into the game. He complied without showing off.

ACEVEDO (5). Moveable, he always tried but had a hard time solving well. He was the first of the starters to leave the field.

G. RODRÍGUEZ (5). He ran from start to finish with unquestionable dedication. He didn’t resolve well in the final meters.

MARTÍNEZ (7). The post denied him the goal in the first half. In the second he converted but it was disallowed for offside.

ALBERTENGO (7). He went in well, generated a dangerous free kick.

NECK. It was not a solution in the final minutes.

AUD. He entered at the end, correct.

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