Black Friday HP Chromebook deals 2021: $200 off HP x2 11, $250 off HP x360 14c, and more

Black Friday HP Chromebook deals 2021: $200 off HP x2 11, $250 off HP x360 14c, and more

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Black Friday is back again and that means many of the best Chromebooks are down at their lowest prices ever, including the best Chrome OS tablet on the market today, the HP Chromebook x2 11. x2 11 has a great 2K touchscreen, a wonderfully crafted fabric-covered stand and keyboard, and it sips battery thanks to the Snapdragon 7c computer platform.

Lots of other great HP Chromebook deals shine in the lower price ranges for those who need reliable kid-friendly Chromebooks, but the HP x2 11 is really worth a look for anyone who wants a premium tablet without the slow Android updates. You get Android app support through Google Play and system / security updates until June 2029, which means this will get updates for twice as long as any of the Android tablet deals you may purchase this weekend .

HP Chromebook X2

HP Chromebook x2 11 (Save $ 200)

With the HP Chromebook X2 11, you can enjoy an ultra-portable Chromebook that can be turned into an even more incredible Chrome OS tablet. HP includes fast charging, along with a rechargeable USI pen and a removable keyboard case that gives you everything you need in the box for the best Chrome tablet experience.

$ 399 at Best Buy

HP Chromebook 11a blue back cover

HP Chromebook 11a (11a-na0010nr / 11a-na0060nr) (Save $ 90)

Do you need a durable and affordable Chromebook that your child can use for the next 5-7 years? This HP 11a will get Chrome OS updates by June 2028, which means it can keep your school kid in high school.

  • $ 170 at HP (Ash Gray)

  • $ 180 at HP (Indigo Blue)

Hp Chromebook 14 14a Na0031wm

HP Chromebook 14 (14a-na0031wm) (Save $ 100)

This clamshell Chromebook can last an entire school day and well into the evening before crying for its charger, and 64GB of storage means that even if you use a lot of apps, you should not run out of space.

$ 180 at Walmart

Hp Chromebook 14at Na

HP Chromebook 14 x360 (14a-ca0130wm) (Save $ 100)

Featuring a 14-inch touch screen, beautiful Indigo Blue color and 64GB of storage, this 2-in-1 HP Chromebook is ready to adapt to your life and workload with ease. The upturned speakers also make it easier to listen to lecture videos or video calls.

$ 199 at Walmart

Hp Chromebook 14at Na

HP Chromebook 14a (14at-na100) (Save $ 130)

You can customize this Chromebook to suit your style and budget. While the base model is perfectly fine for $ 200, I highly recommend spending $ 50 to get a touch screen configuration for better interaction with apps.

From $ 200 at HP

HP Chromebook 11a blue back cover

HP Chromebook 11a (11a-na0060nr) (Save $ 70)

Most of HP’s under- $ 200 Chromebooks are untouched, and while it may work for some, I’m convinced that a touchscreen model like the HP Chromebook 11a is worth the investment. They fundamentally change the way you use your laptop.

$ 230 at Amazon

Hp Chromebook X360 14a Ca0010nr

HP Chromebook x360 14a-ca0010nr (Save $ 100)

The HP Chromebook x360 14a can last for over 12 hours on a single charge and is made for those who work anywhere, anywhere. 2-in-1 laptops stand out especially at home: I put mine in state mode connected to a mechanical keyboard and a trackball mouse with optimal efficiency.

$ 230 at HP

Hp Chromebook X360 14b Ca0061wm

HP Chromebook x360 14 (14b-ca0061wm) (Save $ 130)

128GB of storage and a 14-inch 2-in-1 touch screen make the x360 14 a great option for anyone using lots of apps or looking for a great casual Chromebook. Try playing Microsoft Solitaire Collection here, you will be completely addicted.

$ 249 at Walmart

Hp Chromebook X360 14c

HP Chromebook x360 14c (Save $ 250)

The latest version of the x360 14 features an 11th generation Intel Core i3, 8GB of RAM for enhanced multi-tasking and video calling, 128GB of storage for years of data that you smash offline while stuck on the red eye for convention.

$ 449 at Best Buy

Considering that the HP Chromebook x360 14c has just been updated this year, it’s a wonderful surprise to see it go back to $ 450 for Black Friday, but the discounts on older x360 14 models and the oh-so-many variants of the HP Chromebook 11 should help you find a winning Chromebook for everyone in your family.

Among these many discounted offerings, the only feature I ask you to consider is touchscreen compatibility. Touch screens seem extravagant if you are used to the old Windows market, where touch screens were mostly limited to more premium laptops. But among Chromebooks, touchscreen models are traditionally not that much more expensive than non-touch models, and the added convenience and input capability is worth every penny. Especially for your kids, who are used to touch screens from tablets and smartphones, a laptop with a touch screen will make it easier for them to adapt and use a Chromebook for school and homework.

If you’ll excuse me, it’s a holiday and I’ll curl up on the couch with my HP Chromebook x2 11 for an hour or three with Freecell and cartoon reading.

Need more options outside of HP? We got all the best Chromebook deals this Black Friday weekend, and Lenovo and Acer’s deals really gave HP a run for its money this year.

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